Cosmopolitan Airways

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Cosmopolitan Airways ist eine Denkfabrik als der Nicht-Regierungsorganisation.
Die Texte auf den Pages werden absichtlich auf Japanisch geschrieben.
Cosmopolitan Airways ist nicht der Freimaurer.
Sondern, Es ist der Dritte oder innovatorisch wahrscheinlich.

Die Geschaeftsstelle befindet sich in Wien Oesterreich seit 1994.

25e2014/01/07(Tue) 21:19:41.52ID:PoQ4qCtk0
und ?

35e2014/01/07(Tue) 21:20:45.70ID:PoQ4qCtk0
was jetzt ?

45e2014/01/07(Tue) 21:21:36.04ID:PoQ4qCtk0
lies mal alles.....................................................................................................................................

5odessa2014/01/08(Wed) 14:31:34.38ID:3FONY9Ta0
Human beings are driven by illusions. You can call it desire, drive, whatever, the fact is that illusion is the term for a space of possibility.

6odessa2014/01/08(Wed) 14:32:50.27ID:3FONY9Ta0
You know something doesn't exist, but you can make it possible.

7odessa2014/01/08(Wed) 14:33:32.82ID:3FONY9Ta0
I would never say this in the platonic or classical, ontological sense, which distinguishes between reality and possibility.

8odessa2014/01/08(Wed) 14:34:19.86ID:3FONY9Ta0
I say the possible is inscribed in the real.

9odessa2014/01/08(Wed) 14:37:56.99ID:3FONY9Ta0
Wittgenstein said, the world is what exists.
Not true.
The world is much more, it's what does not exist.
The room of possibility is much greater than the room of what exists.
What exists is more than we can think.
What we can formalize in language is less than what we can think. Normally people think you can describe something completely.
Actually we can think much more than what we can describe with language.
But what exists in nature is much more than what we can think. Only slowly are we approaching it.
So in that sense, the world is a continuum of the possible, which is not closed.

10maji2014/01/08(Wed) 15:46:21.43ID:AMocVW+Q0

11maji2014/01/09(Thu) 04:29:04.96ID:7ZExkJrv0

12CAFE KORB international2014/01/09(Thu) 05:40:42.11ID:7ZExkJrv0
fast alle menschen wissen schon. ueber ihre definition. eben dass die produktivitaet werden mit den illusion existieren zu koennen.


englisch ist ein melodische sprache oder poetische sprache.
deutsch ist systemische sprache fuer die struktur des gehirn im sozial und die welt.
es gibt sehr eine realistische unterschied.

13Österhase2014/01/09(Thu) 07:46:39.50ID:7ZExkJrv0
beziehungsweise bin ich schon lange ein cyberspace-politiker fuer die welt....

14maji2014/01/10(Fri) 03:42:50.76ID:t0lolZ7t0
I can't understand German.
Translate to English, please!

15Österhase2014/01/10(Fri) 05:52:58.60ID:3vTTioJV0
du musst deutsch lernen bitte....

16Österhase2014/01/10(Fri) 05:54:06.77ID:3vTTioJV0
gruess gott. angewandte media-univ.-prof. ruth schnell. ich bin kein playboy. und, ich habe keine angst gegen den hase.

dennoch, ich bin der Österhase....

Passiert Cyber-Angriff.

17Österhase2014/01/10(Fri) 15:25:42.70ID:3vTTioJV0
Österhase = easter bunny

18Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe2014/01/10(Fri) 15:42:26.03ID:3vTTioJV0
Indeed, media art changed the view of art and reactivated old practices.
A lot of modern art, like Pop art and kinetic art, was rediscovered through the media experience.
It goes back to romantic painting, landscape painting, and even back to the perspective painting of the Renaissance.
Matisse made jokes: if somebody paints a perspective, it's like making a hole in the wall.
If somebody painted a perspective, everybody wanted a flat surface to be modern.
Today we have computers with all these variables so that you can make wonderful objects in space that rotate of any angle.
So we rediscovered perspective.

Bill Viola's recreation of classical paintings opened the eyes of many people to look closer than ever at artists' worlds, to look at it in a different way.
The greatest triumph of media art is not only that it exists, but precisely the influence that media have on painting and sculpture.
Today, many sculptures, many works of land art or performance art, used photography and video as their medium.
So we can say that media have become the only material of sculpture and performances.
So the triumph of media is the effects it has on art forms prior to itself.

19Österhase2014/01/10(Fri) 17:42:50.36ID:3vTTioJV0

20Media & Technology in GERMANY2014/01/12(Sun) 18:39:59.54ID:a2zCue620
As a cultural institution, the Center for Art and Media (ZKM) in Karlsruhe holds a unique position in the world.
It responds to the rapid developments in information technology and today's changing social structures.
Its work combines production and research,
exhibitions and events,
coordination and documentation.

21Media & Technology in GERMANY2014/01/12(Sun) 18:41:22.45ID:a2zCue620
For the development of interdisciplinary projects and promotion of international collaborations,
the Center for Art and Media has manifold resources at its disposal:
the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Media Museum, the Institute for Visual Media, the Institute for Music and Acoustics and the Institute for Media, Education, and Economics.

22Media & Technology in GERMANY2014/01/12(Sun) 18:42:57.35ID:a2zCue620
Under the direction of Prof. Peter Weibel since 1999,
the Center for Art and Media probes new media in theory and practice,
tests their potential with in-house developments, presents possible uses in exemplary form and promotes debate on the form our information society is taking.
Working closely with the State Academy for Design in Karlsruhe and other institutes,
the Center for Art and Media provides a forum for science, art,
politics and finance....

23Media & Technology in GERMANY2014/01/12(Sun) 18:44:26.50ID:a2zCue620
In a spacious ambiente, visitors can enjoy events and tours, view public exhibitions or visit the Mediathek.
The Center is a platform for experimentation and discussion,
with a mission to participate actively in working towards the future and engage in the ongoing debate about the sensible and meaningful use of technology.....

24TOKYO UNDERGROUND2014/01/13(Mon) 19:29:28.96ID:JPlO7yt90
japanese goodboys & goodgirls....

es gibt auch leider bads,


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