1maji2011/08/31(Wed) 19:48:13.32ID:5wkYAwnDO
4chan kara kimasuta

364maji2013/05/16(Thu) 12:06:53.90ID:PikqTUmz0
no!!!Do not sell drugs in Japan!!!!

365maji2013/05/16(Thu) 12:09:23.33ID:PikqTUmz0
Fewer Japanese take such drugs than other developed countries.

366maji2013/05/16(Thu) 12:18:01.68ID:PikqTUmz0
I may have made a grammatically mistake.
Fewer people take such drugs in Japan than in other developed countries.

367kisechan2013/05/17(Fri) 08:13:22.77ID:fYQNk0G/0
sakki 4ch asobiniittayo
I do not speak English lol

368maji2013/06/05(Wed) 20:33:34.35ID:UtSWCya60
I as Japanese think we are NOT afraid of foreigners, but of talking in English.
Because almost of human is Japanese in Japan, we are not used to meet others.
And are not ready to use English.
But we don't have any idea of talking in Japanese language with foreigner.

Some companies in Japan adopt English as an official language within the company.
Uniqlo, Sharp, Rakuten, LifeNetSeimei...(all but Rakuten is unconfirmed)
This text tells about Rakuten.
Unify Your Global Company Through a Common Language

369maji2013/06/07(Fri) 00:17:35.66ID:L3CH2X2Di

370maji2013/07/25(Thu) NY:AN:NY.ANID:xMuxeRPH0
The 25th of July.
It's the first day of summer break for students in Japan.
Happy summer break!

371 ”E–@’ŸyLv=40,xxxPTz(2+0F8) 2013/07/29(Mon) NY:AN:NY.ANID:NMNYdU/zO

372maji2013/08/01(Thu) NY:AN:NY.ANID:UBeQGskx0
Sudden cold rain and wind killed three visitors
in Japan's central Alps a few days ago.
It sure is summer.

373maji2013/08/08(Thu) NY:AN:NY.ANID:RA+kHU7Z0
4chan is stopping now?

374maji2013/10/16(Wed) 21:17:36.40ID:DXKpeNFMO
Look,madoka of sousakuhappyou.

375maji2013/10/16(Wed) 23:19:35.67ID:DXKpeNFMO
It no world in my japan.(T_T)

376maji2013/10/16(Wed) 23:34:00.18ID:DXKpeNFMO
Because My Japan does not know yet.

377maji2013/10/26(Sat) 22:16:52.76ID:SdDZHL2Y0
What do you feel 2ch?

378maji2013/12/18(Wed) 17:25:28.65ID:USYSCy2I0

379maji2013/12/30(Mon) 08:58:06.51ID:0OoWGeVq0

380maji2014/01/01(Wed) 19:29:43.53ID:FF5+w6+l0

381maji2014/01/21(Tue) 02:13:39.24ID:uuhrp/Np0
4chan a shit
The same boring joke-code bullshit repeated all the day
got bored already
Reddit is clearly better in most cases though it still is sometimes awful to see the hackneyed stupid repetition always reproduced

382maji2014/02/25(Tue) 07:43:47.38ID:MaHxIa+Vi

383maji2014/03/04(Tue) 00:25:14.98ID:g1DtHNOO0

384maji2014/03/04(Tue) 07:40:43.81ID:O6dMpHh10
langage is mathematic was

385maji2014/03/04(Tue) 10:54:50.39ID:3oRdIwhy0
How Superlobotwar?

386maji2014/03/08(Sat) 12:51:46.58ID:QGhDin8H0

387maji2014/03/08(Sat) 12:52:46.72ID:QGhDin8H0

388maji2014/03/08(Sat) 19:15:31.72ID:rKDlodi80

389maji2014/03/14(Fri) 15:19:12.47ID:0IrA8JTt0

390maji2014/03/14(Fri) 15:24:23.29ID:0IrA8JTt0

391maji2014/03/14(Fri) 22:46:35.12ID:A8owFltg0

392maji2014/03/14(Fri) 22:51:48.52ID:A8owFltg0

393maji2014/03/14(Fri) 23:49:37.35ID:A8owFltg0

394maji2014/03/22(Sat) 04:32:04.30ID:heo5eqnw0

395maji2014/04/21(Mon) 11:34:02.21ID:RGAx+pGe0
I am difficult to see 4chan because of my poor English ability.

396maji2014/07/05(Sat) 17:20:35.68ID:SwbneUlDi
sihne!! :)))

397maji “]Ϊƒ_ƒ©2ch.net2014/12/19(Fri) 20:12:02.07ID:MzXWNa880
Are 4chan users hentai?

398maji “]Ϊƒ_ƒ©2ch.net2014/12/19(Fri) 20:14:45.73ID:MzXWNa880
'Tensai dame' and 'Nimpocho' are Japanese!!!

399maji2014/12/19(Fri) 22:15:16.00ID:5FhGWv/p0
yes, 4chan is hentai BBS

400maji2014/12/25(Thu) 08:36:51.82ID:twoocdkm0

401maji2015/01/12(Mon) 16:43:39.16ID:aJgp0Qmv0
Nihon-go kinshi desu-ka?

402maji2015/01/12(Mon) 19:25:03.36ID:9oB8RrqI0
Yes We Can!

403maji2015/01/12(Mon) 19:39:27.17ID:xCHRRZBc0
nihongo de okkeeeee

404maji2015/01/31(Sat) 22:38:14.44ID:0UzBYSBn0

405japanse fan!!!2015/02/25(Wed) 22:25:47.18ID:cGVJX25d0
spy an japaneseempire karnel tamogami!!!
tanomu,‚Sch hirometekure!!!

406japanse fan!!!2015/02/25(Wed) 22:26:48.14ID:cGVJX25d0
spy an japaneseempire karnel tamogami!!!
tanomu,‚Sch hirometekure!!!

407maji2015/03/23(Mon) 22:47:15.02ID:fEp5brU60
It was cold today. It was snowing around my neighborhood.
Thanks for reading this post!

408maji2016/06/05(Sun) 19:18:55.66ID:7/c09a0G0
LetLs talk in Japanese...

409maji2016/08/28(Sun) 21:25:23.51ID:6NdFplp/0
Japanese crazy boy

410maji2016/09/06(Tue) 21:24:09.31ID:mmHV1/Eu0

411maji2016/09/23(Fri) 23:41:29.10ID:U5D3tqB90

412maji2017/02/08(Wed) 20:53:44.86ID:dc9PdU+C0

413maji2017/04/07(Fri) 01:04:06.99ID:QnMRBwhN0
you bitch

414maji2017/06/15(Thu) 10:19:51.21ID:Lkrwsx/V0