USA is #1

1maji2009/07/09(Thu) 12:28:28ID:Q7Lc4N500
AMERICA has the power of FREEDOM and FREE MARKET.

AMERICA has the freedom to not get raped and the FINACIAL POWER to bring down pocky.


9maji2009/07/16(Thu) 05:50:56ID:rSHctY1q0
Seoul is in Korea.

10maji2009/07/16(Thu) 19:58:10ID:ONnUvpYW0
Do you know Cocaine Project?

If there's any Japanese, you should translate this document.

11maji2009/07/17(Fri) 14:13:49ID:ArY7UTAk0
Leave my anus alone.

12maji2009/07/18(Sat) 21:59:28ID:n10Q0KKs0
Fuckin' Yankeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

13maji2009/07/19(Sun) 13:49:42ID:MjkW8PyH0
Them yankees

14maji2009/07/24(Fri) 15:00:31ID:iQDiL++Hi
They kill USA

15maji2009/07/24(Fri) 18:42:06ID:x+RWYE6n0
Its better to let them die, and to allow profitable companies to take their place.

16maji2009/07/24(Fri) 23:34:51ID:xStdLKHp0
USA broken down.
Japan too.

17maji2009/07/25(Sat) 00:10:56ID:pceC4Fqe0

18maji2009/07/25(Sat) 07:52:27ID:srKyociK0
I hanker for USA.

19maji2009/07/25(Sat) 14:11:27ID:KXrXVPNZO
So what?

20maji2009/07/27(Mon) 01:14:43ID:8d4oVbqL0

21maji2009/08/14(Fri) 00:22:24ID:iz3Lv1OI0
I would like to fack USA at full force

22maji2009/08/14(Fri) 02:52:55ID:/7cv3SMy0

Unco is bitter and delicious

23maji2009/08/14(Fri) 19:20:12ID:KgaMPjFu0
you fuckin korean

24maji2009/08/14(Fri) 22:36:13ID:iz3Lv1OI0
Die, unko eater.

25maji2009/08/15(Sat) 17:14:15ID:o8Rbh9A40
ome-ra sineyo

26maji2009/10/22(Thu) 01:49:26ID:QE+l4OOT0
eseCould be fine for Japanese to withdraw from the AINU land,
but could be nightmare for white americans to do that
'cause that'll result in losing their whole country hahahahahaha

Pathetic yankees LOL 18:08:30ID:by7lnU6N0
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28maji2009/11/16(Mon) 23:27:49ID:q0loYhBr0

29maji2009/11/21(Sat) 19:43:04ID:MHJambJHO
kas kooso bocke manhooke

30maji2009/11/25(Wed) 23:20:18ID:+9+rfssL0
Do you have a point for linking that video?

31Ching-Ching2009/11/30(Mon) 02:28:35ID:Rw6ClAhr0
USA was built by people from other countries who came here and
prospered. More will come. USA is a melting pot. More freedom
here. Not perfect, just better. USA #1 country in the world.

32maji2009/11/30(Mon) 02:56:08ID:ZNIHJwTA0
yeah, jew govern it LOL

33maji2009/12/06(Sun) 09:29:09ID:yJyQF4dn0
Fucking jews destroying the world!!!!

34maji2009/12/11(Fri) 03:04:08ID:/MheXI950
USA is selfish nation.
I am interested in many of European cultures and religions but,
I do not like American culture and its character.
Disgusted zeals and its Gianism thought.

35maji2009/12/13(Sun) 12:31:09ID:BzMbwnpu0
Hsitory of America is just war.

36NJ Majin2010/03/05(Fri) 09:09:33ID:vewqH/Mw0
Viva Los Estados Unidos!! 18:32:00ID:eGBaDaao0
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42maji2011/06/15(Wed) 07:17:53.66ID:zkvMMLn10,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;,;

43maji2011/06/22(Wed) 14:23:08.47ID:phSjU13v0
"Oh my Capitalism" with English subtitles Beat the Capitalism!

44maji2011/07/24(Sun) 21:35:05.58ID:XTPsc5v10
amerina is mexico.

45maji2011/07/27(Wed) 20:33:38.93ID:gDdOWH010

46 ”E–@’ŸyLv=1,xxxPz 2011/08/13(Sat) 23:14:35.15ID:NA/zoO/o0
american is obama.

47maji2011/08/18(Thu) 21:40:10.95ID:2Guur0xWO

and obaka

48maji2011/08/22(Mon) 00:39:12.03ID:JJhRpknt0

49 ”E–@’ŸyLv=1,xxxPz 2011/08/27(Sat) 22:51:04.59ID:W4Qiy8F20
usa is #1 fack.

50 ”E–@’ŸyLv=29,xxxPTz 2011/08/28(Sun) 09:27:37.07ID:FFvYPsHn0
usa is #1 fack.

51 ”E–@’ŸyLv=31,xxxPTz 2011/08/30(Tue) 07:49:47.41ID:luTvpUDm0
usa is #1 fack.

52maji2011/09/01(Thu) 16:36:03.66ID:y9u8+8NC0

53maji2011/09/06(Tue) 04:19:22.82ID:xEW/HJqZ0
Fucking USA

54maji2011/09/06(Tue) 20:25:24.58ID:xEW/HJqZ0
I like people in USA and dislike Korean.
Thank you.

55maji2011/10/16(Sun) 02:41:24.74ID:sce8EHiv0

56maji2012/04/24(Tue) 04:01:51.69ID:tFleGJLF0
Why is America so much better than Japan? I mean fuck, it's like Japan isn't even trying.

57maji2012/04/25(Wed) 19:36:49.30ID:84NQ3eID0
I'm American and approve of this thread.

58 ”E–@’ŸyLv=30,xxxPTz(1+0F8) 2013/05/13(Mon) 00:42:25.78ID:Vd7Fe1Mr0

59maji2013/05/13(Mon) 09:57:24.69ID:SZaigSSd0
Don't shoot at mom's day parade. Al-quaida.