Let's Eat Whales

1maji2009/04/05(Sun) 10:13:24ID:cDIw86Dv0
Let's Eat Whales

34maji2009/08/03(Mon) 01:55:34ID:331YbC4d0
whale umeeeeeeee
Austkorea must understand this great taste

35maji2009/08/03(Mon) 02:49:39ID:Z5Rem3UQi
tabetara akan

36maji2009/08/09(Sun) 01:27:42ID:Sfjh5ks60
What time is it now?
Kuji ra.

37maji2009/08/17(Mon) 13:52:36ID:Ft55B5rj0
I boost milk!

38maji2009/09/10(Thu) 14:41:35ID:aLvitCMT0

39maji2009/11/02(Mon) 17:46:42ID:vMlIhAHI0
I have same opinion with you.
but I know some Europian ate African people as food, really...
what do you think about it?

Will Japan spend more on its own defense?
Does Mr. Hatoyama think the North Korean nuclear program
and growing Chinese military force aren't serious enough to warrant a closer U.S.-Japan relationship?
Does he think diplomacy alone can keep Japan safe?

It's time to eat Japan.

40maji2009/12/22(Tue) 00:37:25ID:0jAnGJQt0
Whale tastes like ass.
Why would anyone eat that?

41maji2010/01/18(Mon) 23:30:24ID:6lRUIf8/O
Tastes is not a matter.
Why do you distinguish
cows from whales?
It is the God's matter isn't it?
(I'm not good at english.
Forgive me.)

42maji2010/01/19(Tue) 03:19:24ID:XmSOj5jc0
I'm 12 and what is this?

43maji2010/03/22(Mon) 22:46:43ID:p3nLIohaI
Australians love the great taste of whale!

44maji2010/03/22(Mon) 22:51:55ID:p3nLIohaI
Australians love whale! Australia loves whale so much that they don't want to share with anyone! They want whale all to themselves!

45maji2010/03/26(Fri) 01:52:10ID:AZXlxqhG0
tail whale is very delicious.
Let's eat it by sashimi.

46maji2010/04/14(Wed) 06:21:39ID:LtRzJJz80
Let's eat Australians

47maji2010/04/19(Mon) 23:48:07ID:s2C8AzcM0
laughed with my belly twistting

For me, since I don't like whales very much, don't want my country fishing them for research.
As people use whales for eatting, they shouldn't call what they doing "fishing for research"
Why don't just call it "fishing to eat"

48maji2010/04/24(Sat) 12:52:35ID:3mHMu/qt0
Europian ate African? So what? There's any problem.
Becouse, you know, Black and Yellow ain't Human-Beings.

Japan has no money and we don't need that country anymore.
Now we seeking about earn up one and mess aroud in China.
Japanese, Chinese, Korean... you freakin Asian altime thought wrong.
Forever you are Goim. just that.
Do unite and break down.

To tell the truth, You can eat Whales or anything you want.
Almost all of Anti Whaling activist know that is buissness, and it is too global political.
And most of you can't understand Australia is just Stalking-horse.
It doesn't point whales or ecology or economy or such other things.
it's totally weapon.

49maji2010/04/25(Sun) 02:25:37ID:4JJYhHOn0
why did you write so much?your sentence is too long to read
you're so desperate lol
go to hell,racist

50Me2010/04/25(Sun) 12:50:34ID:pWxn2/9nI
It's not the length that's the problem, it is the fact that English is his second language. By the waystop argueig on the Internet. Go watch an anime or look out the window while dreaming some tea.

51maji2010/04/26(Mon) 15:49:29ID:2ylQU6Pz0
you're so funny

52maji2010/07/24(Sat) 12:48:29ID:oxOHEgu80
 Λ    Λ
( ΦωΦ) < whale meat is bitter and delicious.

53maji2010/07/26(Mon) 21:22:47ID:h5HrVCZr0

54maji2010/07/26(Mon) 21:27:51ID:P8WZhdI/0

55maji2010/07/26(Mon) 23:35:36ID:G42/2nfJ0
Excuse me, this is a meat ball?

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57Gåh nig dah2011/02/17(Thu) 18:19:34ID:9heaDlnG0
I Love whale!!
Especially i like burned whale,too?

58maji2011/02/20(Sun) 08:52:46.56ID:mZK6QQZ80

59maji2011/02/22(Tue) 21:57:51.98ID:Ybx7OxxS0

60wow2011/02/26(Sat) 22:02:06.74ID:GVd73KWJ0
This is an interesting topic ... whales eh? I might consider it if I am starved to death
but when there are alternatives, given that whales are indeed endangered species i will stick to beef pork and chicken.
dun need to aggravate the situation and only make others annoyed.
following the same token, stop gnawing on dogs, cats, kangaroos, horses etc please!

61maji2011/02/27(Sun) 08:07:40.26ID:J/7mtWrU0
There are a lot of people who eat our companion pet animals every day.
I think that such people take the position of anti-whaling,
because they want to justify their slaughters of pets. They want to say: "Cats, rabbits and dogs are not endangered while whales are endangered,
so what we do are smaller things than what Japanese do!"
These words are not true. Minke whales (what Japanese take) are not endangered, while Bowhead whales (what Alaskans take) are really endangered.

I want to say:
Hey! Chinese! Stop eating cats!
Hey! Europeans! Stop eating rabbits!
Hey! Koreans! Stop eating dogs!
After that, say to Japanese that they should stop eating whales.

62maji2011/03/16(Wed) 05:32:36.54ID:UB8+Ebru0
There are no damage in Taichi at this earthquake.
God is for whaling.

63maji2011/05/23(Mon) 00:00:16.67ID:P7/Aw/kgO
Today I watched TV program
about Whale Hunting in Japan
Sea Shepard(and more)is Selected Elegant Finest people
Please come here
after your countries' butcher SHINE

64maji2011/05/27(Fri) 16:24:03.31ID:J40TAz4eO
Yamatoni tastes good
that's why I come to love eating whales

65maji2011/05/28(Sat) 16:39:35.13ID:RLcXlnQH0
Fuck polluted jap

66maji2011/06/02(Thu) 21:23:16.65ID:Lr21sp430
i ate whale meat be4

was just like other mammalian meat

67maji2011/06/09(Thu) 13:37:29.70ID:9mL2B+ls0
Yokohama Taiyo Whales was weak.

68blabla2011/06/10(Fri) 22:25:47.25ID:UlF56CDo0
human flesh is better (tastes like pork)

69maji2011/07/24(Sun) 23:54:37.33ID:zBbY8vMKO
Today i Watcheed Digital TV About Whale Cultures in Japan
Modern Japanese Whale Fishermen Never Forget the Goods of Them(KARERA)
Whales are Equal Partners Good Night

70 ”E–@’ŸyLv=3,xxxPz 2011/07/25(Mon) 20:50:50.71ID:w1uR9aQz0
we ate the all Whales.

71maji2011/08/12(Fri) 18:54:41.39ID:Nn9PmbzT0
I hate Whale meals. When I was a child, I ate ones. Perhaps over 40 years old everybody has experiences eating the meat as school lunch.

72maji2011/10/18(Tue) 13:27:38.71ID:TuDJiI2I0

73maji2011/12/10(Sat) 21:19:04.89ID:u68A+Jwi0

I agree. Any Australians here that will be happy to serve themselves up?

74maji2011/12/11(Sun) 23:06:43.29ID:sntjHY0J0
Fuck whales. Turtles are where its at.

75maji2011/12/14(Wed) 03:21:14.52ID:wS3DJrbB0

76maji2012/01/05(Thu) 00:25:02.40ID:EqwE71iu0
When the bankruptcy of Ero terrorism organization Sea Shephared?

77maji2012/06/10(Sun) 13:39:19.14ID:znJ+4tqY0
Korea is the most beatiful country in the world.

I am zapaneeeeseeee,fuck,netouyounnkooooiiiiiiiiiiii

78maji2012/06/10(Sun) 13:42:05.32ID:znJ+4tqY0
OK,Let's korean BBQ with me!

79maji2012/06/13(Wed) 21:43:07.33ID:EqrSGf+v0
Why there are English speakers?

80maji2012/06/13(Wed) 21:58:42.83ID:Ei7xvNlk0
maybe no one here can't speak english perfectly

81maji2013/05/14(Tue) 12:44:58.41ID:UYaQWFgm0
dog,rabbit,pigeon,deer,dolphin,whales,cat,snail,don't eat them, under the name of god.

82maji2013/06/19(Wed) 01:16:43.82ID:xXGF2Ew/0
I have eaten whale meat when I was a elementary school student.
It was so delicious. Awesome taste.
In my opinion, we have to eat whales cuz they're too much in the earth and they are so delicious.
Let's catch and eat them!

83maji2013/09/27(Fri) 22:52:42.04ID:4ZiX2R5n0
We Should Not Kill Whales.
Because It's an Given Truth By Teh One.
Japanese Kill Whales, so We Are American To Attack Japanese Whaling Vessels.
(Well known fact: japanese whaling vessels are classified as JSSDF, so you're attacking an military vessel. Hurrah Sea Shepherds Declare War On Japan!)

84maji2013/09/27(Fri) 22:57:12.04ID:4ZiX2R5n0
The Good News Is That
Whales Are Smart And Thus Should Not Be Killed Is An SCIENTIFIC FACT, Given By Teh One.

Teh One gave that fact to deter worlds's eye away from disaster caused by using the defoliants during the vietnam war, which Teh One did.