Do you like "Ghost in the Shell" ?

1maji2008/11/03(Mon) 20:07:06ID:ORNdv7NH0

2maji2008/11/04(Tue) 00:02:49ID:vEIlWgFI0
i'm lovin' it

3maji2008/11/04(Tue) 13:25:43ID:g5hcxhaH0
me too

4maji2008/11/04(Tue) 22:11:09ID:Cejo8ccq0
I like very much

5maji2008/11/05(Wed) 17:53:51ID:DJXk43050
Why? do you like "Ghost in the Shell"?

6maji2008/11/06(Thu) 00:15:35ID:JKNgraOQ0
oh... i like "i do".
It's very nice tune.

7maji2008/11/06(Thu) 21:17:58ID:9CWl5g2bO
I won't

8maji2008/11/07(Fri) 00:46:30ID:oLLXRZ53O

9maji2008/11/07(Fri) 03:21:15ID:inFjQvyP0
It's pretty good, I haven't watched the whole thing.

10maji2008/11/08(Sat) 00:10:52ID:HQTDZGsR0
Oh...!Thank you. I like there.

11maji2008/11/08(Sat) 00:53:46ID:L6BUYTNd0
japanease name is koukaku kidoutai

12maji2008/11/08(Sat) 01:45:37ID:L6BUYTNd0

13maji2008/11/08(Sat) 02:38:29ID:qDwbJX8U0
"Saitoooo! Give me thaaaaat!!"

it has become like a bad AV...

14maji2008/11/13(Thu) 20:34:23ID:3tISVc/c0
bad AV?

15maji2009/02/28(Sat) 09:04:00ID:NxNr5xQP0
I like the movie so so. I don't love it. That is my impression.

16maji2009/03/06(Fri) 21:36:06ID:zRRYnLAL0?2BP(50)

17maji2009/06/08(Mon) 23:45:20ID:vLS4Zqwd0
whisper P&G

18maji2009/06/30(Tue) 17:00:36ID:s3WukU2j0
i like gantz

19maji2009/07/10(Fri) 01:59:50ID:0OtioIks0
I like "Host in the Kabukicho"

20maji2009/09/11(Fri) 17:21:50ID:/A3BZwnp0
taschikoma is very derisious

21maji2010/02/24(Wed) 22:02:27ID:3CbluqCe0
my ghost whispers so... 18:45:00ID:KTAKOeCP0
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23maji2010/12/27(Mon) 21:13:20ID:VF6Sn4D60
spam u suck

24maji2011/02/26(Sat) 22:06:42.70ID:GVd73KWJ0
oh yeah I love this animation too. so much went into it
movie versions are way better than tv series but still both are linked and worth watching.
i recommend this one to all my friends :)

25maji2011/03/01(Tue) 20:22:09.39ID:9cIvzEUfO

26maji2011/05/12(Thu) 14:12:51.71ID:WN19IPUe0

27maji2011/05/12(Thu) 15:34:28.85ID:WN19IPUe0

28maji2011/07/17(Sun) 14:34:52.51ID:jPbtMSM70
Im Gyousya. otsudesu.

29maji2011/09/16(Fri) 06:44:36.31ID:qwPloJjh0
I'm waiting live action version of GITS.
I don't like non-Japanese actors acted with characters.

30maji2011/10/06(Thu) 23:08:43.76ID:BmW3SxH10

31maji2011/10/08(Sat) 15:10:04.12ID:ViPZyABni
I agree with you
I think JAP voice actors is very hi level
but it seems to hear everybody same sound

32maji2011/10/10(Mon) 19:04:23.72ID:BvfiQAOE0

33maji2011/10/13(Thu) 17:08:49.81ID:bAXHdTjR0
Production IG is not worth a shit any longer since the last season Anime "Blood-C" is a crap.
Japanese Governmental Agency "Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology" (MEXT)
subsidized the company for promoting the movie of this fuck'in anime.
The financial source of revenue is Japanese TAX Paid By The Sweat of your brow (Ketsuzei)!


Japanese people should lose their temper with your Government for persisting this crap!

34332011/10/13(Thu) 17:12:19.65ID:bAXHdTjR0
mistake: Japanese people should lose their temper
correct: Japanese people should lose your temper

35maji2011/10/16(Sun) 16:11:56.92ID:LzSybxr90
Japanese Government promotes not only anime/manga but also cuisine (Washoku), J-pop and so on.
See also
The decision of MEXT is a way of an aspect in relation to promoting Cool Japan.
(however as it is an announce within Japan, off the point in a little.)

Well, Blood-C has not gone over big as the fandom expected, however as agencies of the nation often ignore your opinions, this is a matter of course.
In general, speakers who deliver a loud (e.g. politicians) have influence on them.

You had better gather the political comrade or create political party.
If not so, your opinion will be ignored from now on.

Thank you.

36maji2011/10/30(Sun) 01:07:43.06ID:dvFEJUFR0

37maji2012/01/18(Wed) 01:16:30.90ID:lhvH/2VO0

38 ”E–@’ŸyLv=12,xxxPTz 2012/02/29(Wed) 17:32:35.93ID:ALfdNxr+0
university results by Yemen

39maji2012/03/12(Mon) 18:02:10.78ID:bS4JvVwx0

40maji2013/01/25(Fri) 16:23:44.86ID:sRMHk1Gji

41maji2013/09/27(Fri) 23:19:32.43ID:4ZiX2R5n0
I'm japanese, but the first exposure was the English version of the comic.
Translation is excellent, and onomatopeias are seemly totally rewritten by Shiro himself.

Trouble was that one part doesn't quite make up the story right;
later I obtained the original japanese comic and knew the truth.

2 pages of Porn-ish part was totally ripped off in the english version.
That part itself wasn't the major part of the story, but omission was enough to make your brain full of question marks.

42maji2016/09/23(Fri) 23:43:00.11ID:U5D3tqB90
Japanese crazy boy