84% of Americans are foreigners

1maji2008/06/28(Sat) 16:16:14ID:hTH27gTl0
In America, 84% of people are foreigners. (if you call Germans, Italians, Blacks, etc as foreigners)

That's what makes the USA great and unique, isn't it?

18maji2008/07/20(Sun) 20:26:50ID:LBgaK18B0
NO AMERICAN are native to their land.
They are all immigrants(settlers) irrespective of their
immigration time.

19maji2008/07/22(Tue) 02:19:10ID:i+t9vG8g0
Same with you Japanicans ;)

20maji2008/07/22(Tue) 04:31:36ID:/E0LDdgf0
What about people actually born in America?

21maji2008/07/22(Tue) 16:48:33ID:tOi7dzZz0

22maji2008/07/23(Wed) 01:12:16ID:sm5GnBF0O

23American Unko2008/07/23(Wed) 01:38:04ID:MpCstXII0
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24maji2008/07/23(Wed) 09:04:10ID:57Wa9Ref0
What about the native people?
Like the Cherokee, Sioux, and Navajo?

25maji2008/07/23(Wed) 10:25:59ID:778kDSJe0

26maji2008/07/26(Sat) 12:42:46ID:jSgDMHax0
Migrated from Asia via the Bering Strait...

27maji2008/07/27(Sun) 06:39:26ID:6Q6pddWe0
>>26 Where did the asians come from, daddy?

28maji2008/07/28(Mon) 04:20:28ID:j4cGk5KV0
You Japanese people went and drove the Ainu out. You're the same as Americans.

29maji2008/07/29(Tue) 08:34:58ID:tLnRxgO30

30maji2008/07/31(Thu) 00:30:11ID:7cqqHLbs0
Japanese DID NOT slaughter the Ainu like hunting as Americans did.

31maji2008/07/31(Thu) 00:30:53ID:7cqqHLbs0
Japanese DID NOT slaughter the Ainu like hunting as Americans did
to Amerindians.

32maji2008/07/31(Thu) 06:26:52ID:0K4tPFr60
There were wars between the American indians and the settlers, but they were not hunted for sport.

33maji2008/08/02(Sat) 01:19:30ID:+91TGXA30

ha ha, that's what You think.
Well, it is true that the settlers were very kind and made most solid enclosures for the native Americans, and guarded those areas with armed men.
That measure was against a handful of barbaric settlers - huting down the natives for fun as if all non-whites were non-human - how thoughtful arrangement... how thoughtful, indeed.

34American Unko2008/08/03(Sun) 03:50:34ID:EBFD1NER0
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35maji2008/08/03(Sun) 03:54:14ID:GxCYaLCGO

36maji2008/08/05(Tue) 11:19:36ID:vnoQUV/d0

37maji2008/08/27(Wed) 20:39:35ID:YsJvUV9P0
Fuck n wonderfull !!

38maji2008/08/28(Thu) 23:21:59ID:nQ7TzOLl0

39maji2008/09/23(Tue) 02:32:58ID:FIduqPSO0

This will soon be an accurate statistic if the wetbacks keep crossing the border.

40maji2008/10/31(Fri) 17:37:51ID:+jn+JpRSO

41maji2008/10/31(Fri) 17:39:06ID:+jn+JpRSO

42maji2008/10/31(Fri) 19:33:49ID:ALUKzD4X0
Lolicon pic plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

43maji2008/10/31(Fri) 22:07:13ID:JDoMfxh10

44maji2008/10/31(Fri) 22:11:11ID:JDoMfxh10
i don't get that.
i thought my posting would be kicked coz it is on the regular board in jpn.
sarukisei isn't applied to writing on this board, is it

45maji2008/12/21(Sun) 19:17:52ID:ogwa1fGT0
AUSSIE (Australis criminalis racistae)
is a type of hominid with strong body odor
and pig-like skin yet coarser in texture.
Their specific behavioral patterns are
vandalism, raping, sadistic slaughter of other animals.
It requires maximum caution when they are to be caged at zoos.
Aussies recognize cetaceans as their mate,
sometimes jump in the sea to eat whale excretions and
drown themselves. Currently researchers are not certain
about the cause of their degenerated intelligence.

46maji2009/01/12(Mon) 21:49:57ID:K6IPYd5H0
I am a pen.
You too?

47maji2009/01/14(Wed) 01:17:42ID:UuNv8wHJ0
Why is OZ so blamed for their chilling about other ethnic?
I have nothing but such images about OZ of their foregner relations like that
White supreme policy and Eco-terorism. Is that fact?
I feel so sorly for Westan nations that their efort for the world order is prevented
by Leftist from the corse of piece.

48maji2009/06/18(Thu) 15:12:41ID:M8Vj9ddO0
Historocally to said,junks of English went to AMERICA called INDO,and,they massacred INDIAN.
and they hunted BLACK people from Africa.
and they bought Chinese called coolies.
and some of Japanese also went to there.
Someone want to study,otherone went to come true called Amrican Dreams,but they isolated to desert.

but those sides of view also one of historical view.
Mother of humans borned in Africa,so people who live in The Earth should owned Africans?

I don't like America,dare tosay I hate that.
but I shouldn't hate Americans.there's no reason to hate them.

49maji2009/07/24(Fri) 17:16:48ID:VKU2OrcI0

50maji2009/07/29(Wed) 11:59:59ID:/G4XyC0qO

51maji2009/08/07(Fri) 05:15:00ID:ekKd3OxZ0

52maji2009/08/07(Fri) 23:52:09ID:FCcvKExE0

53maji2009/08/13(Thu) 04:50:11ID:z8z9gL1q0
Atom Bom from Yankee

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55maji2011/07/24(Sun) 21:27:49.36ID:XTPsc5v10
run run rue.

56maji2011/10/16(Sun) 02:43:11.77ID:sce8EHiv0

57maji2012/02/25(Sat) 09:31:39.02ID:ICgIuf0O0
Tokyo was world's first capital city that had an atomic bombed.

58Tom2012/04/06(Fri) 04:34:45.99ID:z6bWLMgq0
Tokyo had never an atomic bombed >:o

59 ”E–@’ŸyLv=2,xxxPz 2012/04/06(Fri) 12:00:21.59ID:tgMrLc1o0

60maji2012/04/24(Tue) 17:17:14.29ID:6Rjbb2eJ0
>You will always be a filthy gaijin


61maji2012/04/25(Wed) 07:37:05.87ID:0E7VbKOh0
gaijin go home

62maji2012/04/27(Fri) 12:32:47.97ID:8R5Qglf10
Yellow pig go home

63maji2013/02/16(Sat) 19:48:05.25ID:YClYy9fB0

64maji2013/02/16(Sat) 19:55:48.52ID:YClYy9fB0

65maji2013/05/13(Mon) 10:05:25.22ID:SZaigSSd0
genetically mixing experiment

66maji2015/02/12(Thu) 11:20:55.83ID:K7kndwFa0
>>1 The concept of "Foreigner" basically doesn't exist if you're a citizen.
I'm what a lot of people would call the "stereotypical american," but my family has only been here for two generations, and my family draws from Czechoslovakia, germany, poland, Ireland...
As is the same with 95% of all Americans. If you meet a dude who's an american Indian, or who's family has been here before 1776, they are a minority in the former and an EXTREME abnormality in the second.

And yes, this is what makes the U.S. great. I can look any race, wear any type of clothes, speak any language, drive any car, ext, and I'll allways fit in.
Just the other day I met a dude from fucking china while snowboarding, and I honestly wouldn't have ever been able to tell the difference.

One reason I'll never go to japan is because foreigners are permanently foreign. Even if I was born there, if I looked different I wouldn't be allowed into the culture.
Permanently foreign, permanently a minority, permanently weird.

I feel like I'd walk down the street and people would just stare at me, only seeing myself and my culture as a novelty, and not something to be respected.
I HATE feeling like the odd one out, the ugly duckling, and in a country who's population consists 98% of families who have been there for 6 generations or more, I'd always be the ugly duckling.

I could be a dude who just game from Nigeria, and so long as I can speak english, have decent math and language skills, and know the country's history, America is still my home.

67maji2015/02/12(Thu) 12:56:54.22ID:K7kndwFa0
Oh, and to those who are curious (yes that means you >>6), the definition of "foreigner" changes somewhat for the U.S.

Were you born in an outside country? If so, you are a foreigner.
Are you not a citizen? If so, you are a foreigner.

That's it. So long as you were born in america you are not a foreigner.

68maji2015/08/08(Sat) 01:05:13.10ID:ZQ51lpGZ0
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