Western Otaku Thread

1maji2008/06/28(Sat) 02:48:24ID:dABlJWLl0
I want to know what Japanese people think of the growing population of western otaku. Also, if any Japanese Otaku want to know how western otaku act, feel free to ask.

154Yi-JohnJu2008/12/03(Wed) 14:29:07ID:Y9SC6YQEO
chonun irubonsaramiyeyo

155maji2008/12/03(Wed) 18:52:58ID:LHSEDgor0
How about American superheroes?

Anyone into those?

156JohnJu2008/12/04(Thu) 15:50:44ID:WXw0vgU5O
jmgadw knows adtcht!

157maji2009/02/28(Sat) 01:01:17ID:NxNr5xQP0
May I ask all that Are these thread' Western Otakus mean EURO Otakus and North Americans
Otaku or Japanese Kansai?

158maji2009/03/30(Mon) 12:55:03ID:LfGl3lUw0

159maji2009/03/30(Mon) 14:47:41ID:sSzrss6o0
European and North American otaku, yes

160maji2009/03/30(Mon) 23:21:40ID:nDgej/pk0
I think.. when a lot of Japanese hearing 'Western Otaku',
they imagined 'mania of SEIBU-GEKI (gun-action movie in American Old West)'.

161maji2009/04/08(Wed) 19:46:57ID:ZnBASOpl0
I don't think there's a single Japanese person on these boards

162I2009/04/08(Wed) 19:50:40ID:KaUiXo4Z0
Maybe we should wait until...You know who forget about this board.

163maji2009/04/08(Wed) 19:53:21ID:R+rTXE/J0
i like this board, full of lulz an shit

164maji2009/04/14(Tue) 22:43:58ID:REHoDgLPO

Kosugi is cowboy

165maji2009/04/18(Sat) 02:18:49ID:RfU7+hTx0
just ride on your ass

166maji2009/04/18(Sat) 08:30:46ID:NyBSJzotO

167maji2009/05/11(Mon) 02:07:03ID:DdOzJlp8O
Colt single action army

168maji2009/05/17(Sun) 02:38:04ID:F1dzy5cFO
revolutin death squad

169Freya2009/06/24(Wed) 09:37:28ID:+iBNAfF40
I'm not Japanese, but I am a western (Well, australian) otaku that has
visited Japan. People are always talking about the negative connotations
the word 'otaku' has in japan, but when I went there, people didn't seem
like that at all. For the start I tried not to bring up my interests with
Japanese people I had met, but they always ended up bringing it up,
Since I'd end up staring at any anime related shop we walked past. But rather
than being put off by it, they seemed more curious, like how much interest people in
different countries took to Japanese anime. I think Japanese people who dislike Japanese
otaku will dislike western otaku as well, and Japanese people who dislike westerners
will dislike western otaku, but other than those people, western otaku
seemed to be viewed with curiosity and wonderment, considering Japan is actually
a rather closed off country and don't really see the overall effect that
the supposed subculture 'otaku' has taken overseas.

170maji2009/07/04(Sat) 20:30:52ID:Iq2tPdmH0
Ain't that deep. Obvious otaku is obvious.

171maji2009/07/09(Thu) 07:39:16ID:hu7qGE8G0
cowboy otaku?

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177maji2011/09/05(Mon) 10:33:18.07ID:lGpLHV0L0
Western otaku. Pig disgusting.

178maji2011/10/03(Mon) 02:59:03.32ID:lyT27ra20

179maji2011/10/22(Sat) 23:44:20.41ID:EhYE8P5F0

180 y31.6mz dennouprion y“Œ“d 67.1 %z 2012/04/30(Mon) 10:23:48.46ID:ffj4szkN0?PLT(12079)
Where is Eastern Otaku Thread?

181maji2012/08/22(Wed) 21:54:51.98ID:2C15rF9U0

182maji2012/08/22(Wed) 22:00:27.17ID:QgZQDXySO
If that situation goes
on,more and more people
will come to enjoy the
Otaku materials and
consequently feel closer
with each other,among
those who like or love
being Otaku.
I think that's amazing.

183maji2012/08/22(Wed) 22:02:32.46ID:4DdZ1KK50
one world one people!

184maji2012/08/24(Fri) 00:18:40.16ID:Il+faGUr0
Reading all the comments on that link made me scared. Is there such a thing as a 'white guy friendly' place in Japan?

185maji2012/08/24(Fri) 16:06:32.74ID:6vQN8DHj0
You're a fool to believe everything you read on internet. People like you
if you act normal and polite and not stereotypical white

186maji2012/08/27(Mon) 02:23:57.57ID:lr9IrkbE0
What is the stereotype the Japanese have for white people? I don't know any white stereotypes.

187maji2012/08/27(Mon) 11:00:33.55ID:W2Sd2S/70
You never heard of the arrogant frenchman, american redneck or the drunken russian?
All those are typical stereotypes for example. But asian consider a
negative stereotype is the white guy who thinks he's better than everybody else, refuse to
speak the local language and customs and so on.

188maji2012/09/07(Fri) 20:49:22.93ID:5jEbhxPX0
In japan, otaku is nagative phrase, but western otaku is positive phrase.
Because Western admire japanese culture.
That is positive for japanese --- japanese unconsciously think Western (mainly white) is greater than japanese.

189maji2012/09/08(Sat) 20:21:16.19ID:pPo7WKVm0
Hi, i'm new here

190maji2012/09/09(Sun) 05:44:59.69ID:YMLMVUpI0
Hello and welcome to ghost town!

191maji2012/09/09(Sun) 07:19:03.98ID:moC3lbRY0
Hello, I'm ghost. Are you ghost?
I lost my body, so I trust I go to two dimensions and meet that's girl!!

192maji2012/09/09(Sun) 12:39:23.51ID:J/0hE4If0
Maybe in there you can get your love, a ghost girlfriend. :P

-- --
- -- -- -
-- --
-- --

193maji2012/09/09(Sun) 19:37:59.42ID:YMLMVUpI0
Are you writing in morse?

194maji2012/09/09(Sun) 22:18:01.84ID:ZaBqNFRZ0

195maji2012/09/11(Tue) 03:00:47.19ID:7Hn8O/F/0

196maji2012/09/11(Tue) 13:59:39.41ID:AJEvTLsn0
I went to Tokyo Geijyutsu Daigaku (most popular art college) festival in sunday.
"moe" character of oil painting is very interesting.

In Japan, "moe" isn't art for people in general. Maybe, They have bad feeling.
What does Western otaku think "moe"?

197!ninja2012/09/11(Tue) 16:07:01.48ID:ldr7z8qii
Moe ha kawaii!

198maji2012/09/11(Tue) 22:21:09.24ID:OouCGmNG0
moe is the best

199maji2012/09/14(Fri) 22:24:54.80ID:2aMZ2mof0
"Moe" is bad feeling in japan,I think the reason it's similar to love little girl, little animal.
If adult male love to them(except case of they are family), japanese people have bad feeling.

200maji2012/12/13(Thu) 09:32:55.25ID:8ulX2+O10
Most Americans think moe is stupid and sexist. Moe anime like K-On! is not very popular here.
Anyone who likes moe is considered creepy and a pedophile. Americans like action anime like
Cowboy Bebop and Trigun.

201maji2013/04/29(Mon) 00:00:29.47ID:10h80cGq0

202maji2013/04/29(Mon) 23:53:35.69ID:rNadfYD10
Some touches of Graphic Novels are getting closer to Manga nowadays...

203maji2013/04/30(Tue) 05:02:43.16ID:PmnsEC4E0
Is there anyone else??

204maji2013/05/09(Thu) 08:57:18.49ID:PXcYjv9S0