Fuck China!

1maji2008/05/11(Sun) 01:45:28ID:xGWqonU10
China is evil empire!
China is enemy of the world!

518fuck chink2011/11/12(Sat) 14:46:08.49ID:pzVPGfg50
The Chinese race is a fanatic
The Chinese race is a fanatic

519fuck chink2011/11/12(Sat) 14:48:01.55ID:pzVPGfg50
The Chinese race is a fanatic=50

520fuch chink2011/11/12(Sat) 14:48:42.04ID:pzVPGfg50
The Chinese race is a fanatic=50

521fuck chink2011/11/12(Sat) 14:52:29.88ID:pzVPGfg50
The Chinese race is a fanatic=50

China without common sense and discipline

522fuck chink2011/11/12(Sat) 14:53:15.61ID:pzVPGfg50
The Chinese race is a fanatic=50

China without common sense and discipline

523fuck chink2011/11/12(Sat) 14:57:32.91ID:pzVPGfg50
The Chinese race is a fanatic=50

China without common sense and discipline

524fuck chink2011/11/12(Sat) 14:58:35.98ID:pzVPGfg50
The Chinese race is a fanatic=50

China without common sense and discipline

525fuck chink2011/11/12(Sat) 14:58:50.25ID:pzVPGfg50
The Chinese race is a fanatic=50

China without common sense and discipline

526maji2011/11/12(Sat) 16:05:49.13ID:Ufe9r1Vn0
I want to learn Chinese so I can speak with a Chineseman.

527maji2011/11/14(Mon) 00:24:20.59ID:+Cwkcmlq0

528maji2011/11/15(Tue) 12:22:37.97ID:x4hOG4ci0
China rules!

529David Beckham fan - Elena Oda Vintevecom2011/12/04(Sun) 10:11:19.11ID:r3KA4N6eO
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530 ”E–@’ŸyLv=40,xxxPTz 2011/12/20(Tue) 03:09:37.96ID:yOCAZ4Q50
Chink is fuck.

531maji2012/03/12(Mon) 18:03:56.44ID:bS4JvVwx0
grand china

532 ”E–@’ŸyLv=23,xxxPTz 2012/03/21(Wed) 03:35:15.23ID:QyEfuZ0H0

533maji2012/03/26(Mon) 17:10:30.57ID:lB7trrU80
Fuck Cena

534maji2012/06/23(Sat) 06:25:14.75ID:wybRyV120
My name is Fuk Yu Sit from China. Don't make fun with ny name

535maji2012/09/17(Mon) 22:30:46.37ID:k9Wui8U80
It can push down.!Communist Party of China

536maji2012/12/27(Thu) 12:19:03.06ID:3zu88eQJ0

537maji2013/01/07(Mon) 19:08:32.20ID:+1XV4spR0
fakku yu-

538maji2013/02/04(Mon) 00:25:28.93ID:9GRPBrYP0
Hey chink! You fucking son of a bitch! You ballless fucking people.

539maji2013/02/21(Thu) 00:26:10.40ID:DMM59W+B0
I found lost URL at Web Gyotaku,.but I don't understand what you wanted to say.

540maji2013/03/06(Wed) 08:12:08.56ID:hpB5g5zE0

541maji2013/03/07(Thu) 00:31:30.81ID:d7npq2Su0

This bullshit again?

542maji2013/03/11(Mon) 19:34:36.69ID:udW+5xPd0
china is the UNNKOest in the world.

543yonar122013/03/11(Mon) 23:36:32.16ID:PMGMs6OB0
fuck japs

544maji2013/03/16(Sat) 00:53:41.81ID:Bwd39FUt0
Chinaman! You fuckin donkey!
You are the slave of Greater Japan!

545maji2013/05/02(Thu) 09:22:55.66ID:caXWMWqH0
china was founded in 1949 and ur hist is very short
fuck chinks!

546maji2013/05/09(Thu) 08:11:40.48ID:v68c9cN60
takeshima senkakushotou no rekishi ninshiki wo aratamero.kitachousen heno seisai wa imiganai.

547maji2013/05/13(Mon) 09:54:38.89ID:SZaigSSd0
Commy will be disintegrated anyway soon, and then dividing the country in peaces like Russia.

548maji2013/08/17(Sat) NY:AN:NY.ANID:WAhv9Vo70
Chinese dream is world nightmare.
Chinese dream is world nightmare.

Please speak to world.

549maji2013/10/16(Wed) 21:10:46.64ID:DXKpeNFMO
Look,madoka of sousakuhaqpyou.

550maji2014/03/21(Fri) 00:31:34.87ID:RNsWzHpN0

551maji2014/03/21(Fri) 12:18:50.86ID:Ncsg9TTs0
free music
you can dowanload and use it your own project

552maji2014/12/28(Sun) 00:28:45.33ID:9RgNDDad0

553maji2015/01/04(Sun) 13:10:04.33ID:hBf9uc+l0
death to china

554maji2015/01/09(Fri) 17:59:13.12ID:4XYsXqKJ0
When Hiramasa meeting fails, I will the Tokyo meeting lets make fail.
I say glory for Hitler, if I find a German TV camera.
I go broke the Koran, if I find a TV camera of the Islam country.
I insult Queen Elizabeth if I find a British TV camera.
I bless 9.11 in front of an American TV camera.
I pretend to be a Japanese and perform these all.

If think it is trouble in Japan, help Hiramasa quickly.

555maji2015/01/28(Wed) 00:58:52.82ID:PgBm64kUO

556SuperPsyguyr7522015/07/22(Wed) 08:56:37.12ID:fkWPCybg0

China is big country but all people are crazy, WTF :p

557SuperPsyguy7522015/07/22(Wed) 09:01:46.34ID:WNKgsOcW0

558maji2015/08/13(Thu) 18:07:18.89ID:ZYzw5bTq0
age and age !

559maji2015/11/03(Tue) 15:33:36.23ID:xkBWCTfC0
An imagination of World War III
precondition: Nuclear weapons are never used because of nuclear deterrence

Eastern Europe Theater
Russian Army invaded Ukraine. NATO and Ukraine resisted Russian aggression.

Eastern Asia Theater
The People's Republic of China commanded Army (PLA) to start anti-access/area-denial (A2/AD).
U.S. and Allies countered by Air-Sea Battle (ASB) and Distant Blockade and Maritime Denial.
ASB: regional conflict in the First Island Line
Distant Blockade: Oil embargo against China
Maritime Denial: to contain China in Asia Continent

Air-Sea Battle (ASB)
the Battle of Spratly
the Battle of Taiwan
the Battle of Senkaku
U.S. and Allies defeated PLAAF and PLAN

Distant Blockade and Maritime Denial
50% of China's GDP depends on overseas trade, and 85% of Chinese trade depends on shipping.
China had depleted its natural energy resources.

Xi Jinping ordered Operation Barbarossa
PLAGF intruded into Siberia to gain Russian natural gas.
PLAGF occupied Siberia and aimed to Moscow, but PLAGF was annihilated by burden of far long
logistics and Russian Winter.

Operation Double Cross
U.S. and Allies deceived PLA as if Allies' landing place was Shanghai.

Operation Overload
U.S. and Allies crossed the Yellow Sea and landed on Tianjin.
Allied Forces occupied Beijing. Xi-Jinping committed suicide in bunker.
Chinese Communist Party vanished and CCP executives were executed.
China dissolved into over one hundred countries.
Russia waned and disrupted.

references cited
Air-Sea Battle by U.S. Department of Defense

Beyond Air-Sea Battle by The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS)

The Hundred-Year Marathon by Michael Pillsbury

560maji2016/01/13(Wed) 23:41:37.80ID:mEAeyRIHO
government of China,
it's a dust of world!

561maji2016/01/23(Sat) 09:11:31.95ID:0OGMkuWm0
Fuck Korea

562maji2016/05/06(Fri) 01:17:56.12ID:WWAy9uaX0
Korea and China is enemy of the world !!!!

563maji2016/08/23(Tue) 19:11:51.12ID:/IlSLHym0

564maji2016/08/28(Sun) 16:02:30.71ID:vvZ9f41r0

565maji2016/09/07(Wed) 12:33:33.10ID:nPDnE0be0

566maji2017/02/08(Wed) 20:54:04.10ID:dc9PdU+C0

567maji2017/06/29(Thu) 18:13:52.48ID:C27zHm0G0
what's chinese gaverment did make you like that

568maji2018/08/26(Sun) 05:01:08.67ID:1CwvD9Ye0
Nwanchan Vitalis Tekuh
He is the Internet deceiver and scammer.
He is fucking Japanese STDs girls incredibly so many times,so now he is the HIV carrer.