War responsibility of Communist, Comintern
0001Russia, China, Korea
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War responsibility of Communist, Comintern

The Pacific War is a part of The Greater East Asia War.
(The Pacific War + The Japan-China War = The Greater East Asia War)
Communists of the world drove Japan into war.
The Comintern played a particularly important role.
Sorge and Hotsumi Ozaki who belonged to the Comintern were active in Japan.

0103Japan will stand up to China, says PM Shinzo Abe (BBC)
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2013/10/27(Sun) 14:12:17.64ID:5ccz8gKy0
Japan will stand up to China, says PM Shinzo Abe (BBC) 26 October 2013

Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe says other countries want Japan to adopt a more assertive
leadership role in Asia to counter the growing power of China.

Mr Abe told the Wall Street Journal there were "concerns that China was trying to change the
status quo by force, rather than by the rule of law".
Relations between China and Japan have been strained over recent years.
China said on Saturday that if Japan shot down Chinese drones, this would be considered
''an act of war'' by Beijing.
The statement was referring to reports that Mr Abe had approved defence plans that envisaged
using air force planes to shoot down unmanned Chinese aircraft in Japanese airspace.
Another contentious issue between the two countries is the dispute over a group of islands.
The islands, in the East China Sea, are controlled by Tokyo, but claimed by Beijing.
But analysts say the nations' rivalry reflects the power shift created by China's meteoric economic
and diplomatic rise while Japan has been mired in a two-decade economic slump.
China has warned against Japanese nationalism in a region where Japan's colonial expansionism
is still bitterly remembered.

'Act of war'

In the interview, Mr Abe said he had realised that ''Japan is expected to exert leadership not just on
the economic front, but also in the field of security in the Asia-Pacific''.
He promised policies to counter Japan's waning influence.
Other countries wanted Japan to stand up to China, Mr Abe said without naming any.

''There are concerns that China is attempting to change the status quo by force, rather than by rule
of law. But if China opts to take that path, then it won't be able to emerge peacefully,'' Mr Abe says.
0104China Tiananmen Square car blaze kills five people (BBC)
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China Tiananmen Square car blaze kills five people (BBC) 28 October 2013

As the BBC's Celia Hatton explains, the BBC team were pulled over by the police
when they tried to film the aftermath of the crash

Chinese state media have said at least five people died and 38 others were injured
after a vehicle crashed in Tiananmen Square in Beijing.
Three of those killed were inside the car and the other two were bystanders.
The square was evacuated and quickly reopened after the vehicle went into the crowd
in front of the Tiananmen rostrum at midday.
Images posted online showed a vehicle in flames, amid barricades. There has been no
explanation for the crash.
Other pictures on social media showed a column of smoke rising from the scene of the crash.
Three people inside the vehicle died, Beijing police said on its official microblog account, adding
that one female tourist from the Philippines and a male tourist from Guangdong province had also died.
Senior leaders from both the central government and the local authorities in Beijing and
the Ministry of Public Security have visited the scene, it said.
An investigation is under way and the injured have been taken to hospital, Beijing police said.

Tiananmen Square was the scene of the 1989 pro-democracy protests which were ended by a military crackdown.
The site is generally kept under very tight security both because of its proximity to key political
institutions and so that is does not serve as a hub for protesters and petitioners.
Incidents do occur, nonetheless. In 2011, a man set himself on fire at Tiananmen Square following
what officials said was a legal dispute, close to the square's portrait of Chairman Mao.
Two years before that, three people set themselves on fire in a car at a busy intersection near
Tiananmen Square over what the authorities called personal grievances.
0105Japan needs U.S. support against Chinese bullying
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2013/11/02(Sat) 08:45:54.76ID:pLZnJmF20
The Senkaku Boomerang (THE WALL STREET JOURNAL) Oct. 31, 2013
Japan needs U.S. support against Chinese bullying.

China's leaders may have thought that by frequently dispatching ships and planes into Japan's territory
around the tiny Senkaku Islands they would cause Tokyo to bow to their demands. Instead, their strategy
of harassment and intimidation has accomplished the opposite--and then some.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has rallied Japanese to defend their territorial sovereignty, and he may succeed
in reinterpreting the Japanese constitution to allow Japan to come to the military aid of its allies.

Japan has also strengthened its ties with Southeast Asia. Smaller regional powers have come to see
Tokyo as a potential defender, along with the U.S., of the peace against a hegemonic Middle Kingdom.


The danger now is that the chances of accident, miscalculation or even a shooting incident grow with
each Chinese foray near the islands. That's what makes Japan's demonstration of political resolve
and military capability all the more important, but Japan cannot be left on its own. The U.S. took the
Senkakus from Japan after World War II and returned them in the early 1970s, effectively settling
the question of their sovereignty for American purposes. The more explicit the Obama Administration
is that the Senkakus are Japanese, the likelier Beijing is to back down.

The Obama Administration should announce, ''Senkaku Islands are territories of Japan''
(Sankei Shimbun) 2013.11.2
0106At the time of WWII, Korean comfort women had large sum of money
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2013/11/05(Tue) 20:30:17.23ID:tik4TRqX0
According to the historical materials of U.S. forces, comfort women had large sum of money
and they could buy anything which they wanted.
The real image of the comfort women was totally different from ''the sex slave'' whom Korea claimed.
(from Sankei Shimbun) 5 Nov. 2013

Korea is spreading groundless propagandas of comfort women of WWII as ''sex slaves''.
How was the true life at that time of comfort women?
According to the historical materials of U.S. forces, the real image of the comfort women was totally
different from "the sex slave" whom Korea claimed.

United States Office of War Information (ONI), Psychological Warfare Team

Report No. 49: Japanese Prisoners of War Interrogation on Prostitution

This report is based on the information obtained from the interrogation of twenty Korean ''comfort girls''
and two Japanese civilians captured around the tenth of August, 1944 in the mopping up operations
after the fall of Myitkyin a in Burma

A ''comfort girl'' is nothing more than a prostitute or ''professional camp follower'' attached to the
Japanese Army for the benefit of the soldiers.

They lived well because their food and material was not heavily rationed and they had plenty of
money with which to purchase desired articles. They were able to buy cloth, shoes, cigarettes, and
cosmetics to supplement the many gifts given to them by soldiers who had received ''comfort bags''
from home.
0107Offshore Control: A Proposed Strategy for an Unlikely Conflict
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Offshore Control: A Proposed Strategy for an Unlikely Conflict
by T.X. Hammes, Institute for national strategic studies, Strategic Forum June 2012

Any U.S. military strategy for Asia must achieve five objectives:
1. access for U.S. forces and allied commercial interests
2. assurance to Asian nations that the United States is both willing and able to remain engaged in Asia
3. deterrence of China from military action to resolve disputes
4. victory with minimal risk of nuclear escalation in the event of conflict
5. credibility in peacetime.

Offshore Controll and Japan's anti-China strategy (Sankei Shimbun) 2013.11.2

A Proposed Strategy
The strategy of Offshore Control works with willing Asia-Pacific nations to ensure that the United States can
interdict China's energy and raw material imports and industrial exports, while protecting our partners.

Five Key Assumptions.
1. China starts the conflict
2. There is a high probability that a conflict with China would be a long war
3. Any major conflict between the United States and China would result in massive damage to the global economy.
4. The United States does not understand China's nuclear decision process
5. In space or cyber domains, a first strike provides major advantages
0108Preparing for the Possibility of a North Korean Collapse
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2013/11/10(Sun) 20:05:45.25ID:dFA+1wOG0
Preparing for the Possibility of a North Korean Collapse (RAND corporation) 2013

Impact of the ''Collapse of North Korea'' report which was published by RAND Corporation.
Sankei Shimbun 10 Nov 2013

North Korea is a failing state. Its government could collapse in the coming months or years, causing an
immense humanitarian disaster and potentially other, even more serious consequences. This report
assumes that the Republic of Korea (ROK) would decide to intervene in such a crisis with U.S. assistance
and seek Korean unification. Nei-ther the ROK nor the United States is adequately prepared for such
an intervention. Inadequately prepared, the ROK and the United States could suffer many serious
consequences, including a failed or aborted intervention, a destabilization of the region, and possibly
broader warfare.


The immediate past U.S. commander in Korea, GEN Walter Sharp, summarized the North Korean situation this way:

Combined with the country's disastrous centralized economy, dilapidated industrial sector,
insufficient agricultural base, malnourished military and populace, and developing nuclear programs,
the possibility of a sudden leadership change in the North could be destabilizing and unpredicable.

Such a sudden change could occur if the current North Korean leader, Kim Jong-Un, is assassinated,
leaving no clear successor and the potential division of the senior North Korean leadership into factions
that would likely wage civil war against each other. Such a government collapse would develop into a
humanitarian disaster, one that would likely force ROK, U.S., and Chinese intervention to resolve the
resulting threats both within the region and beyond.
0109Official Secrets Act is necessary evil for Japan
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Official Secrets Act is necessary evil for Japan because Japanese military strength is weak.

The theory of the Nation with intelligence that Atsuyuki Sassa insists on

(Mr. Sassa was a former police bureaucrat, the first head of the Cabinet Security Affairs Office and a writer)

Japan is surrounded by military threats therefore potent intelligence is indispensable for Japan.

Japan should have the central intelligence agency, and the agency shoule have shields and swords.
Furthermore, Japanese intelligence agency must be closely connected to the national security council.

The nation which lacks in intelligence should annihilate,
therefore Japan should have own intelligence organization. author; Atsuyuki Sassa
0110Chinese military is ruling the Xi Jinping government
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2013/12/27(Fri) 09:56:52.68ID:OSub52Zb0
Chinese military is ruling the Xi Jinping government by a coup d'etat
- Shocking analysis of the U.S. Department of Defense 2013.12.26

The Chinese military authorities succeeded in a coup d'etat and have already taken over the Chinese government.
Xi Jinping is only a puppet of the Chinese military authorities.
0111Yasukuni Shrine is equivalent to Arlington National Cemetery
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2013/12/28(Sat) 16:41:02.41ID:yMNZfnSs0
Yasukuni Shrine is equivalent to Arlington National Cemetery
- Kevin M Doak, Professor and Nippon Foundation Endowed Chair,
Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Georgetown University
(Sankei Shimbun) 28 Dec 2013

The war dead of the Boshin War (1868-1869, the Civil War for Japan) is enshrined in Yasukuni shrine.
Therefore Yasukuni shrine is equivalent to American Arlington National Cemetery.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wants to only remember the Japanese war dead killed in action at home and abroad.
Yasukuni shrine worship of the prime minister isn't justification of the war and doesn't mean militancy.

Prime Minister Abe performed the memorial service of the foreign war dead (include American, Chinese etc.) at ''Chin-Kon-Sya''.
This shows will for the peace.

Yasukuni Shrine (Wikipedia)
Arlington National Cemetery (Wikipedia)
0112The American media may be purchased by Chicom.
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2014/01/01(Wed) 23:30:53.40ID:tvz8EQ5E0
The American media (New York Times, CNN, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post) may be purchased by Chicom.

Mr. Chen Guangbiao who is an agent of the Chinese Communist Party may rule the American media
and is going to strengthen anti-Japan propaganda.

China Tycoon Wants To Buy New York Times Dec. 31 2013

An eccentric Chinese tycoon announced on Tuesday he wants to buy The New York Times.

Chen Guangbiao, the self-made owner of a recycling empire, said he is due to meet a ''leading shareholder''
in the Times on Jan. 5 to open negotiations, even though the company's chairman, Arthur Sulzberger Jr,
has long insisted the Times is not for sale. ''There's nothing that can't be bought for the right price,'' Chen Reuters.
0113Man arrested in Chinese consulate fire (BBC)
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2014/01/08(Wed) 02:40:51.81ID:IG3gwqcv0
Man arrested in Chinese consulate fire (BBC) 6 January 2014

The FBI has arrested a Chinese national for allegedly setting fire to the Chinese consulate building
in San Francisco, damaging the compound.

Yan Feng, 39, who lives in a suburb of the city, handed himself in to police on Friday, two days after the fire.
He is said to be a permanent US resident with no criminal record.
No-one was injured by the fire, but Chinese officials said the building was ''severely damaged'' and
condemned it as a ''vicious, destructive act of arson''.
Consular officials said an unidentified person had parked a van in front of the building then poured
two cans of petrol on the main gate and set it ablaze.
FBI Special Agent in Charge David Johnson refused to discuss a motive for the crime, but said the
agency was not investigating the case as an act of terrorism.
Mr Feng faces charges of property damages and arson.
''We're looking at it purely as a criminal matter,'' Mr Johnson said.

FBI San Francisco January 06, 2014
Individual Suspected of Damaging the Consulate General of the People's Republic of China Office in San Francisco Arrested

SAN FRANCISCO?The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS),
the San Francisco Police Department, and the Daly City Police Department have arrested without
incident last Friday an individual suspected of damaging the Consulate General of the People's Republic
of China office in San Francisco.
According to a criminal complaint, Yan Feng, 39 of Daly City, California, detonated incendiary or explosive
devices in the vicinity of the front entrance of the Chinese Consulate in San Francisco on January 1.
0114China's propaganda campaign against Japan (The Washington Post)
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2014/01/17(Fri) 22:04:47.84ID:m4ThhRoh0
China's propaganda campaign against Japan (The Washington Post) January 17, 2014

Kenichiro Sasae is Japan's ambassador to the United States.

China has been conducting a global propaganda campaign against Japan, the most recent
example of which was the Jan. 10 Post op-ed by Cui Tiankai, China's ambassador to the
United States. But his op-ed was wrong, and China's leaders clearly misread global attitudes.
It is not Japan that most of Asia and the international community worry about; it is China.

First of all, the Yasukuni Shrine, which was the focus of Beijing's most recent round of
anti-Japan op-eds, is a place where the souls of those who sacrificed their lives for the
country since the Meiji Restoration of 1868 have been enshrined. Japanese people visit
the shrine to pray for the souls of the war dead - more than 2.4 million - not to glorify
war or honor or justify a small number of Class A war criminals.

Last month, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe visited the shrine and Chinreisha, a memorial for all
war dead around the world, to make a pledge for everlasting peace based on his deep remorse
for the past. Like many other Japanese people, he said he wished to visit the shrine in sincere
remembrance of the suffering and sacrifice of Japan's soldiers and non-Japanese alike.
He did not go to pay homage to Class A war criminals nor to hurt the feelings of the Chinese
or Korean people.

It is important to note that China began raising this issue with political motives in 1985.
At that time, more than 20 visits by prime ministers to Yasukuni had gone unchallenged,
even after 14 Class A war criminals had been enshrined there in 1978.
0115China: Who Uses Offshore Tax Havens (ICIJ) 24 January 2014
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2014/01/26(Sun) 09:31:00.61ID:E1uv6OE00
China: Who Uses Offshore Tax Havens (ICIJ) 24 January 2014

Among thousands of Chinese users of tax havens revealed in the ICIJ files are relatives
of the country's top leaders and some of China's wealthiest men and women.
Explore their links to power and to the offshore economy.

The Red Nobility
Xi Jinping - Deng Jiagui (Brother-in-law of President Xi Jinping)
offshores: Excellence Effort Property Development Ltd., British Virgin Islands 2008

Report reveals offshore dealings of China's elite (BBC) 23 January 2014

A non-profit organisation estimates that more than 1tn dollars in illicit funds flowed out of China from 2002-2011

A trove of leaked financial documents 160 times bigger than the famous Wikileaks classified
cables has now revealed the secret offshore banking dealings of thousands of well-connected
people in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Offshore companies 'shroud' riches of China's Red Nobility (The Telegraph) 22 Jan 2014

The brother-in-law of Xi Jinping, China's president, is among those named in an investigation
into how the country's political, military and business elites are using secretive offshore companies

Relatives of top Communist Party leaders, including the brother-in-law of Xi Jinping, the Chinese
president, are allegedly using offshore tax havens that help 'shroud' their wealth, leaked financial
documents show.
0116Russian rubbish? (Sukhoi PAK FA T-50)
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2014/01/26(Sun) 10:01:29.93ID:E1uv6OE00
Russian rubbish? India reportedly disappointed with stealth fighters from Moscow (FOX) 24 January 2014

Is the Russian arms industry getting soft?

Despite initial high expectations, the Indian Air Force appears to be souring on a joint development deal
with Russia for a new fifth-generation fighter jet, according to the Business Standard, a major Indian
business publication. The Russian prototype is ''unreliable, its radar inadequate, its stealth features badly
engineered,'' said Indian Air Force Deputy Air Marshall S Sukumar at a Jan. 15 meeting, according to minutes
obtained by the Business Standard.

That contrasts sharply with high hopes voiced by the Indian government when the joint project, to which the
Indian government has contributed 6 billion dollars, began.

''[The new plane] will have advanced features such as stealth, supercruise, ultra-maneuvrability, highly
integrated avionics suite, enhanced situational awareness, internal carriage of weapons and Network
Centric Warfare capabilities,'' the Indian government said in a December 2010 press release. Those are all
hallmarks of ''fifth generation'' aircraft.

The Indian Air Force did not respond to a request for comment.

But it is hardly surprising that the invisible-to-radar Russian fighter planes don't quite live up to the billing,
according to defense experts reached by FoxNews.com.
0117The Outbreak of China-U.S. War
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2014/02/14(Fri) 22:33:05.01ID:fsGwujwC0
The Outbreak of China-U.S. War (the title in Japanese), Threat Vector (Original title)
[writer: Tom Clancy, Mark Greaney]

Volume One
Chinese People's Liberation Army started aggression of the South China Sea!
The Chinese Communist Party has begun to use the land, the sea, the sky, space
and cyberspace for war.

Volume Two
The Cyber strike force which Xi Jinping instructs is ''Unit 61398''.
The People's Liberation Army invaded an air boundary of Taiwan and invaded the
Philippine sea area.
The crisis of the U.S.-China all-out war is looming.

Volume Three
The People's Lieration Army blockaded the South China Sea.
The Chinese Navy fired four anti-ship missiles and damaged an Indian aircraft carrier.
The American President surrendered to Chinese President Xi Jinping.

Volume Four
The attack of Xi Jinping's ''Unit 61398'' destroyed the central of America and paralyzed
the whole land of America.
Will U.S.A. surrender to China?
This book is like the last will and testament of Tom Clancy.

Threat Vector by Tom Clancy

Threat Vector (novel) From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

China-U.S. Air-Sea Battle of The South China Sea (Simulation movie)

Command: Modern Air Naval Operations (C:MANO)
0118China preps military for 'short, sharp war' with Japan (FoxNews)
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2014/02/20(Thu) 23:02:26.90ID:yQlj8qZt0
China preps military for 'short, sharp war' with Japan, US Navy analyst says (Fox News) February 19, 2014

That is the assessment of a top U.S. Navy intelligence analyst, who told colleagues that China's People's
Liberation Army (PLA) is currently conducting training exercises in a practice scenario in which the military
takes the Senkaku Islands, near Taiwan.

''We witnessed the massive amphibious and cross-military region enterprise,'' Capt. James Fannell, deputy
chief of staff intelligence and information operations for the U.S. Pacific Fleet (PACFLEET) said at the West
2014 conference on Feb. 13 in San Diego.

''[We] concluded that the PLA has been given the new task to be able to conduct a short, sharp war to destroy
Japanese forces in the East China Sea following with what can only be expected a seizure of the Senkakus
or even a southern Ryukyu [islands] ? as some of their academics say.''

Inside the Ring: China readies for 'short, sharp' war with Japan (The Washington Times) Wednesday, February 19, 2014

China training for 'short, sharp war', says senior US naval officer (The Financial Times) February 20, 2014

China has been training for a ''short, sharp war'' against Japan in the East China Sea, a senior US
military officer has claimed, in comments that underline the growing military tensions in the western Pacific.
0119Ukraine warns Russia against 'aggression' in Crimea (BBC)
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2014/02/27(Thu) 22:43:20.91ID:0G9MjgRN0
Ukraine warns Russia against 'aggression' in Crimea (BBC) 27 February 2014

Ukrainian interim President Olexander Turchynov has warned Russia against any ''military
aggression'' in Crimea. He said Russia's troops from Russia's Black Sea Fleet should not
move outside their naval base in Sevastopol. The warning comes after armed men seized
Crimea's regional parliament and the government headquarters of the Russian-majority region.

Ukraine: Russian combat troops on high alert near Crimea (BBC)

Russia has put 150,000 combat troops on high alert near its border with Ukraine.
The Russian defence Ministry says it is taking measures to guarantee the safety of the Black
Sea Fleet, which is based in Crimea. In Ukraine, a new government is due to be approved by
parliament later as it seeks to address the tensions which are threatening the country.

This situation had been already predicted in ''Command Authority'', the novel of Tom Clancy.
Command Authority (Tom Clancy)

A Russian intelligence agency (SVR, FSB, ex-KGB) which Putin commands takes over Ukraine secretly,
and Putin instigates Russian Ukrainian to segregation of Ukraine.
President Obama and EU and the U.K. which are pro-communism leave Ukraine in a lurch.
Jack Ryan and The Campus who are the hero in the novel of Tom Clancy save Ukraine,
but there isn't the hero in real world.
0120Ukraine crisis: Is this Cold War Two? (BBC) 24 March 2014
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2014/03/27(Thu) 06:39:32.04ID:VT2F1TdX0
Ukraine crisis: Is this Cold War Two? (BBC) 24 March 2014

We overdo the talk of turning points and milestones in covering summits, but, when it comes
to the G7 at The Hague, it's very hard to see it in any other terms.

Events in Ukraine have profoundly changed Western perceptions towards Russia and it's very
hard to envisage any rapid return to business as usual.
Arriving in the Netherlands for this summit, President Barack Obama said the US and Europe
were united in imposing sanctions that would bring ''significant consequences to the Russian economy''.
Michael McFaul, the former US ambassador in Moscow, wrote on Monday morning that President Putin
''embraces confrontation with the West... [and] has made a strategic pivot''.
Carl Bildt, Sweden's foreign minister, added on Twitter that Mr McFaul's gloomy prognosis was
understating the problem since the Russian president was ''building on deeply conservative orthodox ideas''.
When the people responsible for good East-West relations are saying this, you know that this is no flash in the pan.

So is this Cold War Two or a lesser realignment in world politics?

Much depends on Russian actions during the coming days: an invasion of eastern Ukraine would
likely trigger a full-scale trade war, but consolidation of the hold on Crimea, with continued
covert support to militant Russian groups in Donetsk or Kharkiv, would pose a trickier dilemma to
Western policymakers.


But many uncertainties remain, including, at the most dramatic level, whether further Russian military
action might lead to large-scale sanctions, US troop cuts in Europe being reversed, and a
new diplomatic ice age.
0121US to skip China fleet review after Japan shunned (Reuters)
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2014/04/05(Sat) 20:43:49.85ID:m21aMYLb0
US to skip China fleet review after Japan shunned (Reuters) April 4 2014

(Reuters) - The United States is scrapping plans for a Navy ship to join a fleet review in China after key ally,
Japan, was not invited, U.S. officials said on Thursday, in a move that came just ahead of Defense Secretary
Chuck Hagel's trip to Japan and China.

The United States had been invited to participate in the fleet review - essentially a parade of ships - as part
of activities linked to the Western Pacific Naval Symposium, which is being held this month in Qingdao, an
eastern port city.

The United States will still participate in the naval symposium and will observe the review, one official said.

''We're not going to put a ship in the actual parade. We'll observe the parade, ''the U.S. official told Reuters,
speaking on condition of anonymity, adding the decision was taken last week and came after a request by ally Japan.

Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera told a news conference on Friday that Japan would take part in the
regularly held naval symposium but confirmed that it had not been invited to the fleet review.

US to skip China fleet review, and this must be protest for excluding Japan (Sankei Shimbun) 6 April 2014

The U.S. Department of Defense announced on April 2 that it didn't dispatch vessels of U.S. Navy to Chinese fleet revew.
0122Chinese spies may have read all MPs' e s for a year
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2014/04/28(Mon) 20:09:48.07ID:40NaD26T0
Xenophon calls for parliamentary inquiry into Chinese hacking ''scandal''

Independent senator Nick Xenophon is calling for an urgent inquiry into the Chinese hacking of
Parliament's computer networks, saying the intelligence breach that lasted up to one year was
a national security scandal.

Chinese spies may have read all MPs' emails for a year

The Chinese intelligence agencies that penetrated Australia's parliamentary computer network
in 2011 may have been inside the system for up to a year and had access to documents and
emails that reveal the political, professional and social links across the political world, according
to seven sources with knowledge of the breach.

The Chinese intelligence agencies penetrated Australia's parliamentary computer network.
Chinese spies stole a glance emalis of all Australia's parliamentary members. 2014.4.28 (Sankei Shimbun)

The paper quoted the similar case which the Chinese intelligence agency had penetrated to Japanese
Parliamentary computer network in 2011.
0123Welcome to Cold War II (Foreign Policy)
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2014/05/17(Sat) 07:44:25.53ID:AARnCM++0
Welcome to Cold War II (Foreign Policy) March 4, 2014

The West and Russia have sailed into uncharted waters. Crimea has de facto declared
independence from Kiev. Russia has intervened to effectively secure the new entity
without, so far, a shot being fired. The Ukrainian police, security, and military forces on
the peninsula have been neutralized, many of them pledging allegiance to the Autonomous
Republic of Crimea. In Kiev, the new government talks about Russia's aggression and
orders mobilization -- even as it loses control over some of the key cities in the country's
east and south. Meanwhile, the West has responded with suspension of preparations for
the G-8 summit in Sochi. The U.S. president has talked about Russia paying a high price
for its actions, and the U.S. secretary of state has laid out a menu of possible sanctions
and other measures.
0124Prince Charles 'compared Russian actions to Nazis'
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2014/05/21(Wed) 21:21:00.30ID:f2RVOEd+0
Prince Charles 'compared Russian actions to Nazis' 21 May 2014

A former Polish war refugee who met Prince Charles in Canada has said he
likened some Nazi actions in Europe to those of Russia's Vladimir Putin.

Marienne Ferguson was speaking after meeting Prince Charles at a Nova
Scotia immigration museum where she works.
As they discussed Hitler's takeover of countries, the prince ''said something
to the effect of 'it's not unlike... what Putin is doing,'' she recalled.

China and Russia sign huge gas deal 21 May 2014

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has signed multi-billion dollar, 30-year gas deal with China.

The deal between Russia's Gazprom and China National Petroleum Corp (CNPC)
has been 10 years in the making. No official price has been given but it estimated
to be worth over 400 billion dollar.

''Putin is Hitler'' Britain Prince Charles denounce (Sankei Shimbun; Japanese Newspaper) 2014.5.21
0125''China is enemy'', from Washington
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2014/05/27(Tue) 07:00:53.12ID:JfBDGtYl0
The American appeasement policy to China came to a deadblock. 25 May 2014
''China is enemy'', Washington, U.S.A. (Sankei Shimbun; Japanese news paper)

''China became the main menace to peace and prosperity of the whole world naw''
Dana Tyron Rohrabacher, member of the Republican Party

The full-scale U.S. and China new Cold War began at last.

In spite of an American appeasement policy to China for 40 years, China became an enemy of America.
-- ex DoD said.
0126Cambridge Five spy ring members 'hopeless drunks'
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2014/07/09(Wed) 00:52:22.10ID:15mh90KN0
Cambridge Five spy ring members 'hopeless drunks' (BBC) 7 July 2014

Guy Burgess and Donald Duart Maclean were constantly drunk, the files say

Members of the ''Cambridge Five'' spy ring were seen by their Soviet handlers as
hopeless drunks incapable of keeping secrets, newly-released files suggest.

Donald Maclean, Guy Burgess, ''Kim'' Philby and Anthony Blunt were recruited as
Soviet spies while at Cambridge University in the 1930s.

There may have been a fifth spy in the ring, possibly John Cairncross.

Documents from the Mitrokhin Archive have been made publicly available for the first time.
Mitrokhin Archive (Wikipedia)
The Mitrokhin Archive: The KGB in Europe and the West

The FBI described them as the most complete intelligence ever received.

Among the thousands of pages of documents are profiles outlining the characteristics of
Britons who spied for the Soviet Union.

A short passage describes Burgess as a man ''constantly under the influence of alcohol''.

Written in Russian, it goes on to recount one occasion when Burgess drunkenly risked
exposing his double identity.
0127MH17: 'Russian gangsters killed our loved ones'
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2014/07/19(Sat) 15:50:12.78ID:iRJXYHUq0
MH17: 'Russian gangsters killed our loved ones' (THE TELEGRAPH) 18 Jul 2014

The families of some of the 10 British victims of flight MH17 say their loved ones
were killed in an ''act of war'', as evidence mounted that a missile supplied by
Moscow brought down the Malaysia Airlines flight

White House leadership: Reagan on KAL 007 vs. Obama on MH17 (FOX NEWS) July 19, 2014

There is a saying that great men make history and history makes great men.
Ronald Reagan was the living example of this when, on September 1, 1983, the Soviet Union,
without warning, shot down a civilian Korean airliner flying from New York to Seoul, killing
all 269 men, women and children on board.
Reagan was on vacation at his ranch in California. He cut his vacation short and headed
back to Washington the next day.

This is Barack Obama's chance to make history. Will he seize the moment and reverse course?
If so, he will restore defense spending. He will take back all those pink slips he?fs just sent
to members of the military. He will reinstate the defense missile shield for Poland and the
Czech Republic. He will rally our European allies to stand up to Putin. And he will accelerate
American energy independence efforts, so that we and our European allies are no longer
subject to Russian energy blackmail.

Malaysia MH17 crash (BBC) 18 July 2014

As it happened: Reaction to Malaysian plane crashes in Ukraine
News and reaction after a Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 crashes in Ukraine, close to the Russian border.
0128E.H. Norman was a communist
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2014/07/27(Sun) 13:23:59.06ID:Mc+ImeHp0
British confidential documents proved that E.H. Norman was a communist.

Communists ruled Japan in 1945 - 1952.
E.H. Norman (Canadian diplomat, GHQ counter intelligence officer) was a communsit.
The Constitution of Japan was made by communists of GHQ which ruled Japan 1945 - 1952.

GHQ; General Headquarters, the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers (GHQ/SCAP)

Egerton Herbert Norman (September 1, 1909 - April 4, 1957)

Confidential document ''Norman file'' (classification number KV2/3261)
0129The Constitution of Japan was affected by Marxism
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2014/07/27(Sun) 16:01:05.83ID:Mc+ImeHp0
American and Canadian Marxists in GHQ/SCAP (1945-1952) ruled Japan and they forced
The Constitution of Japan which is affected by communism.
Sankei Shimbun, Japanese newspaper, 27 July 2014

Egerton Herbert Norman (September 1, 1909 - April 4, 1957)

GHQ; General Headquarters, the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers (GHQ/SCAP)

Confidential document ''Norman file'' (classification number KV2/3261)

The Constitution of Japan has been affected by the Marxism, and if this constitution has
been left untouched, democracy of the world and Japan will be damaged.
0132Yalta - Japan had been defeated by espionage
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2014/08/05(Tue) 20:05:21.41ID:KhAGun930
U.K. and U.S.A. supported that Russia invaded Japan.

U.K. and U.S.A. that is Churchill and Roosevelt were supporting communism.
Therefore the U.K. and the United States supported that communist state Russia invaded Japan.
Because the hub of Japan was taken over by a communist, Japan wasn't able to use espionage
for national defense definitely.
After World War II, Japan continued being ruled unfairly by the allied powers of the communism
and was polluted.
The sneaked Britain and United States of America continued insulting Japan.

Japan continued fighting in loneliness for justice.

Yalta Conference
Yalta Conference (Japanese edition)
0133Russian aggression - Japan had been defeated by espionage
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2014/08/05(Tue) 20:23:26.11ID:KhAGun930
Japan lost by espionage of the communism.

The U.K. and the United States were supporting communism and attacked Japan in support
of Russia of the communist state, and they used nuclear bombs against Japan.

The Emperor of Japan continued lonely fighting against communism.
The Japanese Emperor saved Japan in half a century and left the world.
Japan is a model of the anti-communism now in the current world.

Japan is a symbol of the justice of the modern international community.

The root of Japanese justice is the Emperor of Japan.
0134Korean comfort women were mere prostitutes
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2014/08/17(Sun) 13:05:12.88ID:EL2FQ5Ea0
Korean comfort women were mere prostitutes
- Nevertheless the Asahi Shimbun reported Korean prostitutes as victims intentionally.
The Asahi Shimbun has reported intentional fabrications as minion of the communism, Russia and China.

The Asahi Shimbun has insulted Japan by using intentional fabrications. Yoshihisa Komori

U.S.A. has been deceived by the Asahi Shimbun, left-winger newspaper.

The Asahi Shimbun will continue telling many lies from now on. Yoshio Oomori

The Asahi Shimbun has injured the pride of Japanese youths more deeply than international credibility of Japan.

The media of the communism's minions such as the Asahi Shimbun are enemies of Japan.
0135Targeting China's Vulnerabilities
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2014/09/06(Sat) 12:45:25.98ID:+olTTflu0
Five suggestions attack Chinese weak points, Sankei Shimbun, 2014.8.9

CSIS; center for strategic & international studies

- Dealing with America's China Problem in Asia ?
Targeting China's Vulnerabilities, By Robert Sutter Jul 21, 2014, a professor at George Washington University

The options include the following:

1. Remind China of its serious anti-submarine limitations.
Chinese military planners and Chinese leaders will be confused.

2. Allowing the sale of the 66 F-16 fighter jet to Taiwan

3. Adopting a higher profile in support for free expression in Hong Kong.

4. Official US denouncement should focus more on continued Chinese support for North Korea.

5. The US response could involve conventionally armed multi-warhead US ballistic missiles deployed
in the United States or in the region in attack and ballistic missile submarines.
Because of China's weak ballistic missile defense capabilities, Beijing would face an enormous cost
in dealing with the new risk to its leadership and strategic structure posed by these US warheads.
0136The worst spy in American history
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2014/09/16(Tue) 20:00:22.54ID:hZzqxAVI0
''The worst spy in American history'' and ''a Japanese spy who was captured by the Russian honey-trap''.
Shankei Shimbun 10 September 2014

John Anthony Walker

John Anthony Walker, Jr. (July 28, 1937 ? August 28, 2014) was a United States Navy Chief Warrant
Officer and communications specialist convicted of spying for the Soviet Union from 1968 to 1985.

When Walker began spying, he worked as a key supervisor in the communications center for the U.S.
Atlantic Fleet's submarine force, and he would have had knowledge of top secret technologies, such
as the SOSUS underwater surveillance system which tracks submarine traffic via a network of submerged
hydrophones. It was through Walker that the Soviets became aware that the U.S. Navy was able to track
the location of Soviet submarines by the cavitation produced by their propellers. After this, the propellers
on the Soviet submarines were improved to reduce cavitation.

The Toshiba-Kongsberg scandal was disclosed in this activity in 1987. It is also alleged that Walker's
actions precipitated the seizure of the USS Pueblo. CIA historian H. Keith Melton states on the show ''Top
Secrets of the CIA'' which aired on the Military Channel, among other occasions, at 0400CST, February 5, 2013:
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2014/09/17(Wed) 14:06:41.28ID:6EfMqUy50
0138North Korean leader Kim Jong-un 'has illness'
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2014/09/27(Sat) 07:39:38.91ID:fLOrLXsW0
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un 'has illness', BBC, 26 September 2014

North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has an unspecified medical problem, state media report, after he
failed to appear at a key political event.
A report on state television said on Thursday that Mr Kim, 31, was in an "uncomfortable physical
condition" but gave no details.
Earlier, the leader was absent from a session of the Supreme People's Assembly - North Korea's
legislature.Mr Kim has not been seen in public for more than three weeks.
His non-appearance at the SPA - to which he was elected in March with 100% of the vote - on
Thursday prompted renewed speculation about the leader's whereabouts.
The report on state-run Central Television later in the day showed footage of the leader limping
during one of his regular inspection tours back in July.


Previous appearances, the usual diet of factory and military unit inspections, show a clearly overweight
Mr Kim walking with a limp and wearing generously cut trousers, possibly to disguise his walking difficulties.
South Korean newspaper Joongang Daily supports the leg injury theory, and suggests that his
disappearance may be due to an injury picked up during some sort of sporting activity.

An anonymous source - said to be "familiar with North Korea affairs" - quoted by the South Korean
news agency Yonhap, said he understood Mr Kim was "suffering from gout, along with hyperuricemia,
hyperlipidemia, obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure".

The agency said some people attribute the deterioration in Mr Kim's health to frequent drinking and overeating.

But its source said gout runs in Mr Kim's family, with his grandfather Kim II-sung, his father Kim Jong-il
and his elder brother Kim Jong-nam all suffering from the disease.
0139World on brink of new Cold War
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2014/11/09(Sun) 03:37:34.91ID:+xUkSoev0
Ex-USSR leader Gorbachev: World on brink of new Cold War BBC 8 November 2014

At an event to mark the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall on Sunday,
Mr Gorbachev said the West had ''succumbed to triumphalism''.

He expressed alarm about recent Middle Eastern and European conflicts.

Tensions have been raised between the West and Russia over Ukraine, which was part of the Soviet Union.

More than 4,000 people have died in fighting between Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists,
who seized control in the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk in April.

A fragile ceasefire has been in place since September, but elections in rebel-held elections
last weekend have prompted fears of a return to full-scale conflict.
0140Xi Jinping orderd State atheism
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2014/11/16(Sun) 16:16:41.10ID:frVu1eTE0
Xi Jinping orderd State atheism (Sankei Shimbun) 16 November 2014

Increased pressure on Chinese Christians to conform to Communism 14 November 2014

Marxism and religion

The founder and primary theorist of Marxism, the nineteenth-century German thinker Karl Marx,
had an ambivalent and complex attitude to religion, viewing it primarily as ''the opium of
the people'' that had been used by the ruling classes to give the working classes false hope
for millennia, while at the same time recognizing it as a form of protest by the working classes
against their poor economic conditions.

In the Marxist-Leninist interpretation of Marxist theory, developed primarily by Russian revolutionary
Vladimir Lenin, religion is seen as retarding human development, and socialist states that follow a
Marxist-Leninist variant are inherently atheistic. Due to this, a number of Marxist-Leninst governments
in the twentieth century, such as the Soviet Union and the People's Republic of China, implemented
rules introducing state atheism. However, several religious communist groups exist, and Christian
communism was important in the early development of communism.

State atheism

State atheism is the official promotion of atheism by a government, sometimes combined with active
suppression of religious freedom and practice.
0141Putin flies out of Brisbane after G20
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2014/11/16(Sun) 16:49:08.95ID:frVu1eTE0
Because Putin shot down a Malaysian plane, he was criticized intensely, and he ran back in Russia.
(Sankei Shimbun, 15 November 2014)

Vladimir Putin first to leave G20 summit, pleading lack of sleep

Putin flies out of Brisbane after G20

G20: World leaders put Putin under pressure over Ukraine

Western Leaders Confront Putin at G20 With Threat of More Sanctions

David Cameron: Putin is not a man of his word

Vladimir Putin to leave G20 early after 'tense' meeting with David Cameron
0142identified sophisticated Chinese cyberespionage group
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2014/11/22(Sat) 16:44:15.44ID:7nWlTJUX0
Researchers identify sophisticated Chinese cyberespionage group THE WASHINGTON POST 28 October 2014

A coalition of security researchers has identified a Chinese cyberespionage group that appears to be the
most sophisticated of any publicly known Chinese hacker unit and targets not only U.S. and Western
government agencies but also dissidents inside and outside China.

News of the state-sponsored hacker group dubbed Axiom comes a week before Secretary of State John F.
Kerry and two weeks before President Obama are due to arrive in Beijing for a series of high-level talks,
including on the issue of cybersecurity.

In a report to be issued Tuesday, the researchers said Axiom is going after intelligence benefiting Chinese
domestic and international policies ? an across-the-waterfront approach that combines commercial
cyberespionage, foreign intelligence and counterintelligence with the monitoring of dissidents.

Axiom's work, the FBI said in an industry alert this month, is more sophisticated than that of Unit 61398, a
People's Liberation Army hacker unit that was highlighted in a report last year. Five of the unit's members
were indicted this year by a U.S. grand jury. The researchers concur with the FBI's conclusion, noting that,
unlike Unit 61398, Axiom is focused on spying on dissidents as well as on industrial espionage and theft
of intellectual property.

The hacker group which the Chinese government supports
(Sankei Shimbun) 17 October 2014
0143Korean sex slave is vicious intentional lie
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2014/11/30(Sun) 21:58:05.80ID:K8iXIObh0
It has begun to be understood in the United States that the Korean sex-slaves
(Comfort Women) during World War II were intentional fabrication. (Sankei Shimbun) Yoshihisa Komori
Michael Yon, a highly respected and skillful U.S. author.
He declares, The claim with the major media of U.S. Europe that ''the Japanese military took a woman
systematically, and made a sexual slave'' was a fiction.

Japan: Thank you Kent Gilbert for translating my piece:
During the war, Korea had a population of about 23 million. Today, Texas has a population of about 26 million.
Imagine trying to kidnap 200,000 Texas women. There would be a bloodbath. The Army would lose thousands of
soldiers, and thousands of civilians no doubt would have been slaughtered in return.

Michael Yon Online Magazine
Michael Yon, From Wikipedia
Japan?'s Biggest Newspaper Apologizes for ?'Sex Slave?' Stories''
This is amazing:
Japan?'s biggest-circulation daily newspaper apologized today for using the term
?''sex slaves?'' in stories about Asian women trafficked to Japanese military brothels
before and during World War II.
The Yomiuri newspaper said it had found the term and other ?''misleading?'' expressions
implying the women had been forced to provide sexual services in 97 articles in its
English-language edition between 1992 and 2013. The paper said it would add notes to
each of the stories in its database to explain that they were ?''inappropriate.''

Japan?fs Biggest Newspaper Apologizes for ?eSex Slave?f Stories November 28, 2014
0144U.S. government report revealed sex-slave is a fabrication.
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2014/11/30(Sun) 23:10:31.60ID:K8iXIObh0
Nazi War Crimes &
Japanese Imperial Government Records
Interagency Working Group
Final Report to the United States Congress
April 2007
This report made clear that a sex slave was a fiction. (Sankei Shimbun) 27 November 2014

U.S. government report underpined that sex-slave is a fabrication.

A 30 million dollars US Government Study specifically searched for evidence on Comfort Women allegations.
After nearly seven years with many dozens of staff pouring through US archives
-- and 30 million dollars down the drain -- we found a grand total of nothing.
The final IWG report to Congress was issued in 2007. (Linked below.)

It's all a lie, and no matter how much someone hates Japan, it will always be a lie.
Please read the IWG report that practically nobody seems to know exists. If you do not have time for
the whole report, do a search inside the report for Comfort Women, and carefully read those parts:
0145'Nanjing Massacre' never took place, Henry Scott-Stokes
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2014/12/28(Sun) 15:50:51.44ID:10TxUog50
Chiang Kai-shek who fled in the face of the enemy had a full responsibility of Nanjing Incident.
Former Tokyo Branch Chief of the U.S. newspaper New York Times, Henry Scott Stokes 2014.12.28 (Sankei Shimbun)

Stokes, 75, is a former correspondent and Tokyo bureau chief for the New York Times, Financial Times and Times of London.

Why isn't ''Nanjing Massacre'' a fact?
In an interview last month, Stokes had said ''ghastly events'' had occurred at Nanking,
but that the Japanese were not alone responsible.

-History War- Chapter 8th Nanjing Massacre is falsehood.
Former Tokyo Branch Chief of the U.S. newspaper New York Times, Henry Scott Stokes 2014.12.28 (Sankei Shimbun)

Henry Scott Stokes
He was educated at Winchester College and New College, Oxford. After graduating,
he moved to Japan, where he became a journalist of the Tokyo bureau of The Times.
Also around this time, he became close friends with famous Japanese author Yukio Mishima.

Best-Selling Author Feels the Heat in Japan's History Wars, May 11, 2014, TIME
''The author's opinion is: The so-called 'Nanking Massacre' never took place.
The word 'Massacre' is not right to indicate what happened,'' the statement said.

Harry Sugiyama, a son of Henry Scott-Stokes, interview

Falsehood of the historical view of the allied nations which a British reporter clarified 2013/12/2
Henry Scott Stokes
0146North Korean soldiers killed four Chinese habitants
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2015/01/05(Mon) 20:23:31.80ID:gDG1NVrH0
North Korean soldiers killed four Chinese habitants

Some North Korean soldiers escaped from their own country, then they
burglarized and killed four Chinese habitants.
The North Korean soldiers were shot by Chinese constabulary and suffered serious wounds.

The North Korean soldiers broke into Chinese dwellings and shot a man
and wife dead, furthermore, soldiers beat some dwellers to death with
handguns and robbed them of food and money.
0147China dispatched 2,000 soldiers to nearby North Korea
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2015/01/06(Tue) 20:49:08.51ID:Dg8Vr9hY0
China dispatched 2,000 soldiers to nearby North Korea in response to
North Korean soldiers' robbery and murder.

China media: North Korea ties (BBC) 6 January 2015

Papers and experts discuss Beijing-Pyongyang ties following reports that a North Korean
soldier killed four people in a Chinese border town.

The soldier crossed the border in late December, stealing money and food before killing
residents in Helong.
According to papers, he was later arrested north of the Tumen River that divides China
and North Korea.
The Chinese foreign ministry gave no details about the incident, but said it has lodged
a protest with North Korea.
Most papers in China have carried the news, quoting South Korea's Yonhap News Agency
and state-run Xinhua, while appearing to refrain from making any comments about the incident.
0148Criticism for the war responsibility of the communism
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2015/06/23(Tue) 21:47:49.04ID:i3Yq1L9i0
Criticism for the war responsibility of the communism Sankei Shimbun iRONNA

We want to discuss about ''war responsibility of the communism''.

''The war responsibility of the communism'' diverges into many branches,
but there are three main aspects in the relation with Japan.

1. The Russian aim was to make Japan the communist country,
and therefore Russia derived Japan to the Pacific War.

2. Russia let Japan invade and attack to Southeast Asia by Sorge spy ring,
and Russia succeeded in the Japan forces weren't able to fight against the Soviet Union,
and, in addition, Russia guiding Japan to the war with U.S. and Britain in this way.

3. In Japan-China War, the Mao Zedong let Chinese Nationalist Party (later Taiwan) fight
against Japan and exhausted both.
That is why the Japan-China War prevented the northing (war with the Soviet Union) of
the Japanese military and was meeting a purpose to support the Chinese Communist Party.

The Sankei Shimbun features ''war responsibility of the communism''.
The Sankei Shimbun proves that historical view based on The International Military Tribunal
for the Far East is a falsehood.
We must discuss ''war responsibility of the communism''.
0149Japan liberated Asian countries from white domination.
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2015/08/09(Sun) 01:34:27.98ID:pqtenFyD0
Japan liberated Asian countries from white domination. Sankei Shimbun Monday 29 June

Henry Scott Stokes
a British journalist who has been the Tokyo bureau chief for The Financial Times (1964?67),
The Times (1967-1970s) and The New York Times (1978?83).

His writing is attracting attention.

Forgery of the historical view by the allied powers which a British newswriter knew.

When I came to Japan for the first time, I thought that the Tokyo trial was right.
In addition, I thought Nanjing Massacre to be a fact.
However, I understood that Tokyo trial was only revenge of allied powers while I was staying in Japan for a long time.
And I understood that there wasn't Nanjing Massacre.

Correspondent Tokyo of Europe and America are inexperienced and don't understand Tokyo trial and Nanjing case well.
Though The Rape of Nanking which it wrote of Iris Chang is fiction, even American elites are falling for the fiction with a historical fact.
They considered me to be a historical revisionist and denied me.

I want you to know the truth of the history without being deceived in anti-Japan national propaganda.
I want Japan to regain a pride.

The people doing a claim same as me are increasing: American writer Michael Yon, Lawer Kent Gilbert

I want Correspondent Tokyo to understand the above.

Japan Was a Hope for Asia: An Interview with Henry Scott Stokes June 6, 2014

Best-Selling Author Feels the Heat in Japan's History Wars
0150History Wars Japan-False Indictment of the Century
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2015/08/09(Sun) 01:48:37.94ID:pqtenFyD0
History Wars Japan-False Indictment of the Century
(Kindle edition: U.S., U.K., Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Netherland)

Japanese edition: Kindle edition, book

It is a fiction that comfort women were collected forcibly by the Japanese military.
Comfort women were mere prostitutes.

The first half of this book is written in English and is written in Japanese in the latter half. 👀
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