hatune miku
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2010/10/30(Sat) 12:36:51ID:JNVcuOHy0
very cute!
my wife ok?
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2010/12/11(Sat) 19:51:00ID:f50cSBo80
Akina's nice short story

Everybody and nice to meet you! I'm Akina.
I'm an one's own pace, and the blog of daily life and the idea to which the photograph readily is suitably exchanged and written.
Please look at my with one's own way patiently if it's good.
If it's possible to point it out readily, I'm welcome because it thinks that there are a lot of points that don't arrive either.
Then, please come from following URL.


Thank you for lending valuable advertising space.
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2011/01/31(Mon) 14:11:23ID:/AkQeiED0
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2011/02/09(Wed) 21:15:59ID:gNnMHxEA0
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2011/02/10(Thu) 00:05:15ID:iYhL6t760
I came from Youtube ita.
Memorial write.
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2011/06/17(Fri) 13:56:02.76ID:DEpqEsMd0
Thank's. (39's) for Sci-Fi Magazine.
I thought no one is using this page for long time or nearly dead.
It was very diffcult find this page.

I like that song. "Miracle Paint" also.. Is it possoble to read this thread from oversea?
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2011/06/17(Fri) 21:21:27.24ID:DEpqEsMd0
Thank you. It is very nice.
"Miracle painting"DreamyTheatre edition is very good also.
I did not know or consider that DreamyTheatre is Original game PV from SEGA before your writing.

"Sailor Moon" version is also premiun. I like very much.
I didn't consider that song is witten by OSTERproject before your writing.
Is anyone like Sailor Moon?
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2011/06/17(Fri) 21:34:25.40ID:DEpqEsMd0
This Spanish news of Miku is still difficult to understand the language.
But, it is possible to understand the feeling from video.

"The live of 2010" is very good even I don't understand language.
Is it possoble to read this thread from oversea?
0040 忍法帖【Lv=4,xxxP】
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2011/07/29(Fri) 20:27:06.40ID:Z3Vz1DBr0
Miku is mine.
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2011/08/26(Fri) 12:08:18.39ID:BXUpLbYy0
miku is my sister
of course there is no blood ties
we are enjoying the love on the bed every day
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2011/10/14(Fri) 14:33:19.42ID:VUOkRz+G0

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2011/10/30(Sun) 01:10:56.85ID:dvFEJUFR0

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2011/12/23(Fri) 23:41:34.71ID:e5+zMyj80
Luka is my wife.
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2011/12/26(Mon) 23:39:57.21ID:xHcHhqUnO
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2012/01/02(Mon) 17:48:56.56ID:BtF07f+d0
haku "tsumanne"
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2012/01/28(Sat) 20:00:51.21ID:Mupwg7u40
Someone who doesn't like Miku getting popular in the world is deleting her videos by making fake reports that the videos are infringement of copyright.

And they are doing that to the videos with English titles on it so that the Japanese users will not notice the videos are deleted.

Maybe a stealth marketing company called Media Interactive Inc is doing this.

For? detail, search "hatsune miku media interactive".

To all Miku fan, Let's go against them.
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2012/02/08(Wed) 01:11:03.68ID:qLU0zjv00
In YouTube,
Korean people delete the animation of Miku.
This is Korean usual practice.
In Korea, both the government and the nation are Internet saboteur.
Therefore a lot of Koreans come for a net vote.
They are going to make Korea the first place.
Miku came first in the vote of the London Olympics.
Though the Korean voted for KPOOP.
Therefore the Korean was angry.
There was the before same thing.
In 4ch, injustice of Yuna-Kim became the topic.
Therefore the Korean struck anger, 2ch.
And the Korean forges the reproduction number of times.
Even if you are asked for unjust deletion, I can restore an animation.
Internet destruction work and the stealth bomber marketing are Korean usual practices.
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2012/02/08(Wed) 01:32:45.42ID:qLU0zjv00
Dear Save Miku team
I thank for your action.
But it is advice.
Even if you do SPM, there is not a meaning.
The Korean group aims at an animation of Miku with much number of the reproduction.
Their purpose is to send Miku out of reproduction several run homer King.
This is because they want to let KPOOP win.
YouTube copes with an unjust deletion request.
Let's investigate a basic solution!
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2012/02/10(Fri) 13:05:48.47ID:TbzK/q3m0
Why is it said that the Korean wave is a forgery?

The reason is stealth bomber marketing.
It is reported that the Korean wave is extreme popularity in Japan.
It is the false news.
The next reason is subliminal.
The biggest reason is brainwashing.
The advertising agency puts Korean pressure on the media and the company.

The Democratic Party is supported by the South Korean pressure groups such as a gambling company or the religious group.
They have the special privileges such as exemptions from taxation.
Even if Dentsu of South Korean advertising agency violates the Antitrust Law, Dentsu is forgiven.
The Democratic Party admitted stealth bomber marketing for Dentsu.
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2012/03/07(Wed) 14:10:31.19ID:2IYwlPP80
Oretachi no mikutan!
Super Cute! Yeah!
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2012/03/10(Sat) 00:59:13.99ID:/LuUYO2J0
Project mirai no mikusan metya kawaeeeeeee
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2012/06/19(Tue) 19:25:02.41ID:HLlZgIgX0
A Japanese is completely opposite to a Korean.
The Korean has a flat face and the thin, small eyes and the nose.
It is influence of the blood of a Mongolian and the Evenks group.
As for the Japanese, carving is deep and the eyes and the nose are round and are big.
It is influence of the blood of Ainu and Jomon people.

The Korean changes a face by cosmetic surgery.
The Japanese changes a face by hair make.
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2012/06/19(Tue) 19:36:46.47ID:HLlZgIgX0
A Korean likes a grudge and an inferiority complex.
Therefore a Korean likes making other responsibility and satisfying the pride of own.
The Korean was ruled by China and bore a grudge.
The Korean felt an inferiority complex in what was not able to bring up culture in the life of the war.

A Japanese likes self-reproach and self-torture.
Therefore the Japanese cannot understand that a Korean does other responsibility and pride without grounds.
The Japanese encountered severe natural disaster and was not able to bear a grudge.
Because culture was saturated in the life of the peace, a Japanese is not interested in pride.
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2012/06/24(Sun) 05:22:05.33ID:PenpTxny0
>netouyo shit
Please stop.
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2012/07/14(Sat) 13:38:06.16ID:y0KhRAs50
can you make to Miku Hatsune soundboard prank call video on youtube?
and she can speak some english?
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2012/08/19(Sun) 05:22:17.28ID:2+yMPCFH0
miku loves a cat always
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2013/01/22(Tue) 06:19:15.60ID:aj5/Ih+80
JAB from experience
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2013/04/09(Tue) 15:30:17.04ID:bjZFoNQt0
Does anyone know when the V3 Miku is going be on sale?
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2013/04/24(Wed) 11:03:15.57ID:GY9inqcQ0
miku san maji tenshi
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2013/10/21(Mon) 06:45:35.03ID:QklDImxA0
I want to mate with Miku
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2013/10/22(Tue) 17:21:43.40ID:bdG/d+PN0
hard luck!
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2013/10/25(Fri) 21:11:54.44ID:NDNlYvnp0
I am the MIKU.
0065 【7m】
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2013/12/30(Mon) 21:27:13.73ID:6591jsG80
0066 【大吉】 【289円】
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2014/01/01(Wed) 02:26:53.17ID:X/xPJzldO
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2014/04/23(Wed) 11:20:49.31ID:zV0XTcDv0
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2014/04/30(Wed) 06:57:54.96ID:psulO4Wi0
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2023/01/27(Fri) 18:40:42.20ID:T7BGei1N0
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2023/08/03(Thu) 18:25:21.23ID:JHAY2Bk00
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2023/10/08(Sun) 07:19:40.26ID:Mai3wUH50