English speakers assemble!

1maji2012/12/11(Tue) 06:09:45.81ID:fDr8wuDF0
This thread is for English discussion.

2maji2012/12/11(Tue) 06:12:26.88ID:fDr8wuDF0
So is anyone here?

3Burgerking2012/12/11(Tue) 06:43:54.02ID:OC86HYF/0

4maji2012/12/11(Tue) 07:12:17.17ID:xlqlAZcl0
There are no english speakers on 2ch.
Go away.

5maji2012/12/11(Tue) 07:20:50.67ID:Y+dyTiIn0
Hi there! Where is the freedoms?

6maji2012/12/11(Tue) 07:28:06.56ID:kn9CA8De0
It seems most of the people on here don't speak English well enough for elaborate and sophisticated trolling.* Very disappointing.


7maji2012/12/11(Tue) 07:29:24.74ID:Y+dyTiIn0

As a famous warrior said once "What a shame" Or it was "A BOMB!" Anyway...

8Bydlo2012/12/11(Tue) 07:29:56.50ID:TkpmhBQO0
Gibe vodka pls. And gibe Okinawa, rightful Motherland's clay.

9maji2012/12/11(Tue) 07:37:07.61ID:5x7VMqpD0
Estonia represent.

10Bydlo2012/12/11(Tue) 07:45:13.27ID:TkpmhBQO0
There is no such thing as Estonia. Only Estonskaya oblast.

11Bydlo2012/12/11(Tue) 07:49:02.75ID:TkpmhBQO0
Who was OP? Austria, is that you?

12maji2012/12/11(Tue) 07:52:34.36ID:5x7VMqpD0
>>10 doesn't say itadakimasu before he eats.

13maji2012/12/11(Tue) 07:54:27.98ID:kn9CA8De0
Shitposting already, >10-sama?

14Bydlo2012/12/11(Tue) 07:58:15.99ID:TkpmhBQO0

15maji2012/12/11(Tue) 08:03:32.94ID:5x7VMqpD0
But Ryssä doesn't have black in their flag, baka.

16maji2012/12/11(Tue) 08:12:12.78ID:sRU/YQpk0
More Estonia coming

17maji2012/12/11(Tue) 08:13:56.72ID:5x7VMqpD0
It is like Battle of Tannenberg Line all over again!

18maji2012/12/11(Tue) 08:18:26.93ID:sRU/YQpk0
>> 10
Russian education. There was never such administrative unit as "Estonskaya oblast"

19maji2012/12/11(Tue) 11:09:06.85ID:+5xFD60R0

20maji2012/12/11(Tue) 13:03:31.98ID:fDr8wuDF0

Yes that was me.

But I got carried away by the cultural exchange thread on KC

21maji2012/12/11(Tue) 22:37:34.36ID:fCiBE0bX0
Uh huh. Anybody here?

22maji2012/12/13(Thu) 09:35:40.59ID:8ulX2+O10
America, FUCK YEAH!

23maji2012/12/14(Fri) 08:37:51.07ID:6yCHMaSd0
ya sup im from america

24maji2012/12/15(Sat) 07:13:52.62ID:eELWSJFm0
Hello! Norway here

Farvel=Good bye (polite, it means "Be happy far away"

25maji2012/12/16(Sun) 14:16:15.29ID:fPeUG4K30

26majidejima2013/03/07(Thu) 00:39:03.49ID:d7npq2Su0
Hello, Canada here.

27maji2013/03/07(Thu) 18:22:24.12ID:5ut5osYn0
where in canada?

28maji2013/03/30(Sat) 19:47:20.49ID:XXZosmAD0
good bye the world

29Kahmos2013/04/20(Sat) 00:03:36.41ID:SrTN7t2T0
Hello..... Japan 4chan?

30maji2013/04/20(Sat) 21:18:15.11ID:H1tSXEKa0
Are you the one who always bullies Japanese on 4chan/int/?

31maji2013/04/20(Sat) 21:34:55.78ID:lwyaHYMX0
Most japanese psoter on /int/ are proxys anyway, so they deserve it.

32maji2014/01/11(Sat) 04:31:14.16ID:/CUY0doA0
I hear Japan is made of Gold. But actually they are made of radiation.

33maji2014/01/18(Sat) 01:56:42.68ID:os8FTcza0
test from my phone

34maji2014/02/07(Fri) 00:46:28.55ID:VoQ+pFGZP
A Canadian stuck in Japan here

35maji2014/05/24(Sat) 02:19:54.13ID:Ty1Yl3NR0
Exercising my brain for using English again. haha