1maji2012/04/03(Tue) 17:52:45.24ID:nUNbJoB10

42maji2012/04/22(Sun) 19:40:19.62ID:hbWqWIOlO
Do you know?
The speed at which cherry blossoms falling...
5centimeters per second

Cherry blossom season has almost finished.
If you want to see the cherry blossoms falling,
this is it.

43maji2012/04/22(Sun) 23:31:19.64ID:ukF+3/Hb0
Yes, cherry blossom season will be finished by rainy tonight, I guess.
At the end of cherry blossom season, a pavement becomes a pink carpet.
Along with watching the petals fall from the tree, we feel next coming season.

44maji2012/04/22(Sun) 23:50:27.79ID:hbWqWIOlO
But it is still cold yet,
at the almost end of April...

45maji2012/04/23(Mon) 23:29:31.19ID:PtvHLdC20

46maji2012/04/24(Tue) 22:57:44.36ID:0rehgV460

47maji2012/04/24(Tue) 23:30:26.62ID:imZiqmeSO
That's certainly cool, but stupid.
I cannot crave my name into.

48maji2012/04/24(Tue) 23:48:44.35ID:0rehgV460

49maji2012/04/25(Wed) 12:35:24.87ID:xesuzOFaO
I want something cold to drink on that table.

50maji2012/04/25(Wed) 23:20:16.23ID:LrP3+sbx0
How about Pepsi.
But without ice.;-)

51maji2012/04/27(Fri) 23:01:44.63ID:Q5LwKWia0

52maji2012/04/28(Sat) 15:47:10.07ID:4s4rP+Wb0
I'm afraid that I've not seen it yet.
A movie in connection with the cherry blossoms which
I've known is this one.

The movie takes place in modern Tokyo.
BillMurray and Scarlett Johanson are lead role.
And the movie is written and directed by Sofia Coppola.
As for the story, it has various impressions, yes or no.

53maji2012/04/28(Sat) 23:35:08.28ID:6OU0DDeL0

54maji2012/04/29(Sun) 19:09:17.76ID:RddrVAjKO
The song which is sung by her is different from
orignal one.
It gives some other impressions to me,unlike an orignal.

55maji2012/04/30(Mon) 15:12:22.97ID:deppIpYd0
I say! What kind of Himitsukichi is here???

56maji2012/04/30(Mon) 17:49:42.04ID:uKzH/tB5O
Everything, everyone is welcoming.
Anything you want to talk,
and are interested in, is ok.
It's such a carefree place to talk anything.
Here is the place it is.

57maji2012/05/02(Wed) 22:30:41.09ID:5LsC8AyV0
She is Ingrid Michaelso, isn't it?
Same here. The good point of original sound is not lost either,
and her own identity is expressed well too.
I feel something like her tenderness has come out to the front rather.
So, she looks really fun to sing.

By the way, here is the original.

58maji2012/05/02(Wed) 23:12:05.01ID:5LsC8AyV0
I'm sorry.
I got a wrong about her name.
She is Ingrid Michaelson.

59maji2012/05/03(Thu) 07:07:35.62ID:u6tJGcokO
Exactly right.
I think it may be different from her conventional image.
But I seem that she makes the most of her own characteristics.

60maji2012/05/03(Thu) 17:06:48.64ID:DclwQpXJ0
Her fans seem to be surprised to some extent as far as I read comment of YouTube,
but seem to be relatively greeted with cheers.
Of course I am the one of fan, too.

Well, some of them have the negative opinions too.
I think if they judge from the songs produced by her before, there may be no way....

61maji2012/05/03(Thu) 22:24:50.71ID:u6tJGcokO
To an artists "must take only the way you are".
It's really meaningless,I think.

62maji2012/05/03(Thu) 23:11:36.95ID:DclwQpXJ0
You can say that again.

It's a throw-in for all.

63maji2012/05/04(Fri) 08:25:37.48ID:sD7jbM+z0

64maji2012/05/04(Fri) 08:28:47.25ID:sD7jbM+z0

65maji2012/05/04(Fri) 08:32:25.86ID:sD7jbM+z0

66maji2012/05/04(Fri) 21:32:30.37ID:sD7jbM+z0

67maji2012/05/05(Sat) 21:05:47.95ID:Fw9plITZO
I've seen it at Odaiba in 2009. It's awesome!

68maji2012/05/06(Sun) 22:39:18.96ID:QBM53Sen0
Have you ever seen the super moon?

On May 5th, The moon appeared 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than
its smallest and dimmest form, as it approaches perigee, or the period where it is closest to Earth in orbit.

69maji2012/05/06(Sun) 22:57:31.64ID:QBM53Sen0

70maji2012/05/08(Tue) 05:13:54.58ID:3dMNXp+0O

71maji2012/05/08(Tue) 22:19:42.54ID:v9yJc29vO
It seemed to observed all over the world, and be
the moon which was the biggest in these past 18 years.

72maji2012/05/08(Tue) 23:03:29.17ID:4qoEsnxL0
The car has the possibility that you don't need steering wheel operation.

73maji2012/05/10(Thu) 22:47:37.43ID:aB2EACHg0
I hear this year is the best year to enjoy astronomical observation.
We can watch a solar eclipse on May 21.
It will certainly give us the fantastic time.

74maji2012/05/11(Fri) 23:37:27.86ID:OsAXZLsKO
ya, it will be most sunny sky, i hope.

75maji2012/06/07(Thu) 23:21:17.95ID:R7OQnlbX0
It's a unique thread here.
I liked it.

76maji2012/06/15(Fri) 22:48:59.55ID:GV3BvCYL0
Hi all, it's been a while.
The rainy season is already here.
The plant, hydrangea which crossed the sea from Japan
and became extremely popular in Europe.

77maji2012/06/16(Sat) 10:10:27.81ID:FXVyY7gv0
baseball brother,go away

78maji2012/06/16(Sat) 15:47:18.30ID:PgSZkSGc0

79maji2012/06/20(Wed) 00:12:55.25ID:mQbRhpEu0
Siebold as German doctor who passed on modern medicine to Japan
have announced the hydrangea as a new discovered species.

80 ”E–@’ŸyLv=35,xxxPTz 2012/06/24(Sun) 23:57:26.95ID:RRo1uutm0

81maji2012/06/25(Mon) 23:48:58.42ID:tG1F5XR80

82maji2012/07/06(Fri) 23:51:35.01ID:/xHKDT8D0

83 ”E–@’ŸyLv=2,xxxPz 2012/07/13(Fri) 16:31:50.90ID:B2oVjpwC0
Too hot

84maji2012/07/13(Fri) 22:11:31.15ID:WRBV/GnI0
How about this?
It will bring you to the wonderful world.

I would eat more ice cream and less beans.
I would perhaps have more actual troubles,
but I'd have fewer imaginary ones.

85maji2012/07/14(Sat) 23:39:33.33ID:LkZsQJOw0

86maji2012/07/17(Tue) 17:26:04.49ID:/22DBTf90

87maji2012/10/09(Tue) 09:55:40.34ID:Qkf6c2xdO

88maji2012/10/12(Fri) 00:27:24.71ID:gUFdnKzS0
stop thinking kabeDON

89maji2012/11/03(Sat) 09:05:00.27ID:j6Tl6J5g0
We've had a terrible reminder of the destructive power of
nature Hurricane Sandy, and everyone should be thinking of that
country and their people. So I send my sympathies and condolence
to the U.S. people.

90maji2013/01/01(Tue) 02:53:40.10ID:8aCYySey0
Happy new year to all!!

91maji2015/04/07(Tue) 14:56:51.10ID:bMVGbJTB0

92maji2015/04/25(Sat) 07:53:12.33ID:/dkvowDE0