Japan cannot English

1maji2009/10/21(Wed) 16:08:29ID:tOWYxmej0
Why are the Japanese so bad at English?

22maji2010/06/06(Sun) 00:03:16ID:syU8+jz+0
Focusing on Speaking before having a mental image of the pronunciation of the second language I think it leads to get used of using the native pronunciation in the second language.

23maji2010/06/06(Sun) 21:39:05ID:HX+3oY4AO
I like a cunts

24maji2010/07/15(Thu) 03:56:11ID:g7bI3TEa0
Japanese is shy to speak English...
Why we are shy?

25maji2010/07/21(Wed) 11:33:56ID:J5FuOnyN0
many japan human can not english.
but I can english little.

26maji2010/07/21(Wed) 12:53:57ID:Q56LnhN20
Shyness just seems more prevalent in every aspect of Japanese culture, stemming from a greater fear or making errors.

27maji2010/07/21(Wed) 22:08:11ID:wGZFHcha0
What is the meaning of DEJIMA ?
Is it merely a paractice board of English ?

28maji2010/07/22(Thu) 09:08:50ID:+aVJ+1GB0
DEJIMA is a artificial island in japan.
in 17th century, many foreighner stay that.

29maji2010/07/23(Fri) 11:33:22ID:TXVHisy40
what is the meaning of majidejima

30maji2010/07/26(Mon) 19:31:08ID:CXBT8X2B0
(⊃´· ω·)⊃ Hold me early.

31maji2010/09/24(Fri) 19:37:40ID:WR46Xyqb0
To say seriously, "MAJIDE" means "Really?" or "Are you serious?".
MAJIDEJIMA is a kind of wordplay with "MAJIDE".

32maji2010/09/25(Sat) 00:59:21ID:kjkBmjsv0
Hold me early.

33sage2010/09/25(Sat) 17:30:53ID:sPFrn+D20
I can't speak English!

34maji2010/11/10(Wed) 16:32:29ID:D8GN3vsE0
ningen dareshimo fukou desu.

35maji2010/12/02(Thu) 02:35:32ID:jqww5KZ40
speak english dumdum

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37blabla2010/12/12(Sun) 00:25:04ID:cDpFQeZy0
We dont give a shit of akina (or maybe we shit on her)

38blabla2010/12/12(Sun) 07:41:37ID:cDpFQeZy0
A man who speak three languages is trilingual
A man who speak two languages is bilingual
A man who speak one language is japanese

39maji2010/12/14(Tue) 16:30:57ID:Ki31E/J50
Why cannot Koreans understand "KANJI" at all?

40maji2011/05/25(Wed) 17:42:17.18ID:mWNtYY+f0
Yes, We can't!

41maji2011/07/23(Sat) 22:03:26.12ID:B/1ZdLpA0
Kuroko is cute.

42 ”E–@’ŸyLv=22,xxxPTz 2011/08/12(Fri) 18:51:06.16ID:Nn9PmbzT0
A man who speaks /three,two,one language/ is /trilingual,bilingual,japanese/.

43maji2011/08/14(Sun) 05:10:29.56ID:+GNRsT6jP
I can English very well!!

44maji2011/08/16(Tue) 01:33:22.37ID:d1j195AD0
OP, you're grammar is bad. The proper phrasing would be "Japan cannot into English".

45maji2011/08/16(Tue) 01:50:40.49ID:ytEWV97j0
Thanks OP I come on cat and it hissed at penis

46maji2011/08/16(Tue) 01:59:41.31ID:0f1pxHrz0
Good thread.

47maji2011/08/16(Tue) 12:25:33.45ID:6BqaK9WT0
Ass face guys.

48maji2011/08/16(Tue) 23:04:30.77ID:pfP6eenU0
hai porno!!

49maji2011/08/17(Wed) 18:04:39.78ID:fMtXZda30
we are stupid!

50oh2011/08/17(Wed) 21:09:02.99ID:W1GrenY30
"Japan cannot into English" is horrible grammar. The op is correct.

51oh2011/08/17(Wed) 21:11:38.58ID:W1GrenY30
also, it's "your" not "you're" if you want to be possessive. Native speaker here.

52 ”E–@’ŸyLv=25,xxxPTz 2011/08/17(Wed) 21:55:48.36ID:6jDNCKp10

53maji2011/08/18(Thu) 06:44:24.73ID:q5dS/EAO0
i raiku dis sured

54maji2011/08/18(Thu) 06:56:23.44ID:hMNysQ4v0
eye rike two ror.

55maji2011/08/20(Sat) 00:53:44.23ID:4uKtiY+oO
English = MORON's word lollollol

56 ”E–@’ŸyLv=29,xxxPTz 2011/08/22(Mon) 12:49:01.47ID:8/PT+Lw40
I come back here. Although I am under the control banning the provider to 2ch.net
because of net-uyos propagandas.
it is a significant problem for me. During the last one month,
2ch banned us three times for the problem by the possibly same person.
Fortunately, Here is out of the border. So, I can write everything here.

57maji2011/08/25(Thu) 11:03:56.44ID:Nx5mb3c10
what is this board for, anyway? Writing in English? Japanese people trying out their English skills while insulting other countries? "foreign" talk? Please let me know.

58maji2011/09/06(Tue) 04:30:24.87ID:xEW/HJqZ0
Judgements came here! (Judgement Desu No!)

59maji2011/10/03(Mon) 03:01:53.96ID:lyT27ra20

60maji2011/10/28(Fri) 03:27:40.91ID:iq6eQAYK0
You speak English? I mean, British English?

61218-228-205-66f1.osk3.eonet.ne.jp2011/11/06(Sun) 22:54:32.40ID:QU5OkGe/0
ji gytf

62maji2011/11/26(Sat) 04:50:41.10ID:OIXWxSiu0
It is like /int/ on other places.

63maji2011/12/04(Sun) 09:48:32.60ID:r3KA4N6eO
Do you like Gundam? Go to INTERNET-TV at Google!!

64 y30.1mz dennouprion y“Œ“d 77.4 %z 2012/06/03(Sun) 22:46:29.14ID:TgloJ9Ot0?PLT(12079)
I don't know.

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69maji2015/11/22(Sun) 15:38:13.82ID:ULsJLVk+0
death to america

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