i got girlfriend!!!!!!!!!

1maji2009/07/31(Fri) 01:13:03ID:kflW1/hr0
i'm so happy

2maji2009/07/31(Fri) 04:57:29ID:fVWfQQU60
I love Girfield.

3maji2009/07/31(Fri) 08:42:23ID:BEtnRxQb0
so what!?

4maji2009/07/31(Fri) 10:33:30ID:mFdPZlSN0
i don't..

i don't envy you...

5maji2009/07/31(Fri) 14:36:18ID:BEtnRxQb0
If your girlfriend is beautiful, I envy you!!!!!
But if ugly, I respect to your volunteer spirit.
Be happy...

6maji2009/08/01(Sat) 07:31:53ID:A1qHRH1+0

7maji2009/08/01(Sat) 07:38:56ID:O2+hD0NF0
That is cat....

8maji2009/08/01(Sat) 19:53:53ID:cW+NL2ITO
Ninja.... Ninja....

9maji2009/08/02(Sun) 04:53:31ID:UtxBIQGvi
there is a cats

10maji2009/08/02(Sun) 05:42:43ID:UiNZm0eki
Nanji...ima Nanji...

11maji2009/08/02(Sun) 23:16:05ID:HoTMdTo50
Unco is bitter and delicious.

12maji2009/08/03(Mon) 03:22:35ID:GSJkWN0pi

13maji2009/08/05(Wed) 23:10:09ID:573OBxTx0

14maji2009/08/06(Thu) 00:34:51ID:pfy/T//Mi

15maji2009/08/17(Mon) 13:25:12ID:Ft55B5rj0
maji dejima?

16maji2009/08/21(Fri) 01:06:35ID:Dmf2u2j1i
deji majidejimajidejimajidejima... ??

17maji2009/08/22(Sat) 05:09:10ID:9NsI2ZPZO
I guess the girl is two-dimensional, right?

18maji2009/08/22(Sat) 07:44:18ID:3xZdyHJ80
Can you call the two-dimensional girl 'girl friend'?
If so, you are completely crazy.

19maji2009/09/13(Sun) 17:21:27ID:/Gaa2tIO0
all your girlfriend is belong to us

20maji2009/11/03(Tue) 15:00:15ID:JBGYuG4E0
Maji de Maji de

21Mexico2010/06/03(Thu) 17:50:45ID:IiyhxPQg0
I need a Girlfriend, someone from japan That wants to be my girlfriend??
atashi wa amerikajin !!! jajajaja <-- Mexican Laugh

22maji2010/06/06(Sun) 04:32:45ID:wsvTxpDG0
all your girlfriend is belong to me

23maji2010/06/12(Sat) 14:16:29ID:JtIknA6o0
i wanna sex!!!!!!!!!

24maji2010/06/12(Sat) 14:27:08ID:PQd5R8fS0
It's a lie! It's a lie!!

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27maji2010/11/04(Thu) 15:52:47ID:jK8qRPQFO
u suck

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29A guy2011/01/29(Sat) 12:29:55ID:2iyYRfZq0

30maji2011/02/03(Thu) 09:00:31ID:ZgZ0yw7eO

31That feel guy.jpg2011/02/03(Thu) 12:18:59ID:EEutXNs+0
That feel when you will never get a Japanese girlfriend.


33maji2011/09/09(Fri) 22:31:00.60ID:CHg7LjI80
i lost my girlfriend

34maji2011/10/03(Mon) 21:39:24.77ID:lyT27ra20

35maji2011/10/16(Sun) 17:26:31.26ID:sce8EHiv0

36 y40.5mz dennouprion y“Œ“d 81.3 %z 2012/05/26(Sat) 20:32:42.74ID:Yg65S64d0?PLT(12079)
I don't get.

37maji2012/09/24(Mon) 19:38:00.09ID:DF7Z0VT50
it is a dream

38maji2013/11/12(Tue) 20:36:30.14ID:T6n8iAmC0

39 ”E–@’ŸyLv=35,xxxPTz(1+0F8) yDlivejupiter1378544111700983z 2013/12/20(Fri) 20:18:06.05ID:fm62IOUgO

40maji2014/03/04(Tue) 15:24:50.56ID:FbIJm0c90

41maji2014/10/08(Wed) 02:11:26.68ID:u5na9trg0

42maji2014/10/12(Sun) 02:11:54.77ID:WfxuLYlMI