This is a tread about 4chan.

1anon2008/07/23(Wed) 11:19:23ID:igsp+raq0
I like reading 4chan to improve my English and for fun.
But 4chan has been down these days.
Where do 4channers go when it is down?
When will 4chan get recovered?

144Anon2012/08/05(Sun) 13:31:27.02ID:geODy5m40
He's been compared to Elvis Costello, but I think Huey has a far more bitter, cynical sense of humor.

145Anon2012/08/05(Sun) 13:32:02.60ID:geODy5m40
God dammit you guys

146Patrick Bateman2012/08/05(Sun) 13:32:59.48ID:WuhD+kn/0
Fuck, now we need another 10 posts.

147Paul Allen 2012/08/05(Sun) 13:33:06.50ID:Qcsr6qoy0
Why are their copies of the style section all over the place, d-do you have a dog? A little chow or something?

148Patrick Bateman2012/08/05(Sun) 13:35:43.38ID:WuhD+kn/0
No, Allen.

149Paul Allen 2012/08/05(Sun) 13:36:48.56ID:Qcsr6qoy0
Is that a rain coat?

150Patrick Bateman2012/08/05(Sun) 13:37:42.95ID:WuhD+kn/0
Yes, it is!

151Patrick Bateman2012/08/05(Sun) 13:40:55.60ID:WuhD+kn/0
In '87, Huey released this, Fore, their most accomplished album.

152Patrick Bateman2012/08/05(Sun) 13:41:35.75ID:WuhD+kn/0
I think their undisputed masterpiece is "Hip to be Square",

153Patrick Bateman2012/08/05(Sun) 13:42:38.47ID:WuhD+kn/0
a song so catchy, most people probably don't listen to the lyrics.

154Paul Allen2012/08/05(Sun) 13:44:08.08ID:JN9Is6oq0
Hey Patrick, I'm just gonna go ahead and go on that business trip to london.

155Patrick Bateman2012/08/05(Sun) 13:45:15.06ID:WuhD+kn/0
But they should, because it's not just about the pleasures of conformity, and the importance of trends, it's also a personal statement about the band itself.


156Anon2012/08/05(Sun) 13:45:22.41ID:geODy5m40
Check em

157Paul Allen 2012/08/05(Sun) 13:45:43.84ID:Qcsr6qoy0

158maji2012/08/05(Sun) 13:45:53.16ID:Y0TRuuiM0
ching chang /v/ sucks

159Patrick Bateman2012/08/05(Sun) 13:47:18.52ID:WuhD+kn/0

160maji2012/08/05(Sun) 13:58:01.43ID:OXoP3IJT0
>and then /v/ came in and ruined everything like always

/v/ pls go.

161maji2012/08/07(Tue) 06:44:49.34ID:E3U4TCSy0

162maji2012/08/12(Sun) 02:19:40.76ID:JNw7bejf0
later thread is creepy. why do you do this?

163maji2012/08/22(Wed) 21:57:16.57ID:2C15rF9U0

164maji2013/01/31(Thu) 09:12:05.55ID:nOZ+BfLy0
japan pls go

165maji2013/02/04(Mon) 17:33:00.05ID:BB+BcQjt0

166maji2013/03/27(Wed) 11:10:48.27ID:9TTp8tIv0
4chan 4 ever

167maji2013/03/30(Sat) 22:28:11.26ID:HdK1sgnC0
4chan is the most peculiar website on earth. You should be happy they do not block you, as 2channel does worldwide.

168maji2013/04/01(Mon) 15:59:59.05ID:2BSw1f0q0

169maji2013/04/01(Mon) 17:58:33.59ID:fa0OM4vY0
watashi ha nihonjin desu

170maji2013/04/01(Mon) 21:17:47.47ID:pG5jhKW20

171maji2013/04/13(Sat) 10:11:03.02ID:KLf+d/580
ola gringo

172maji2013/08/10(Sat) NY:AN:NY.ANID:KIaIC/DR0
I've heard enthusiasts of cartoon characters are having fun
at Otakon this weekend.

173maji2015/02/12(Thu) 10:45:41.91ID:K7kndwFa0
there are a whole bunch of 4chan spino offs that you can go to.
7chan, 8chan, 420chan, 4+4chan, the list goes on and on. Some are good some are shit, it really is mostly a personal preference thing

174maji2015/02/12(Thu) 10:47:38.35ID:K7kndwFa0
there are a whole bunch of 4chan spino offs that you can go to.
7chan, 8chan, 420chan, 4+4chan, the list goes on and on. Some are good some are shit, it really is mostly a personal preference thing

175maji2015/02/14(Sat) 05:04:06.51ID:lnrt/7N10
It is back up as of now op

176maji2015/02/15(Sun) 20:44:07.43ID:Ojw17tMN0

177maji2015/03/24(Tue) 11:05:21.04ID:lotShIy30

178maji2015/04/06(Mon) 22:01:08.56ID:eXRbHnv10

179maji2015/05/01(Fri) 19:40:52.53ID:ED+O1egB0
We can't tezuka osamu more most.what can eat for little little...This?

180maji2015/10/30(Fri) 14:14:35.22ID:xM2PYBkb0

181maji2016/10/01(Sat) 11:53:28.52ID:TLLTOGEe0
We can't eating san.

182sage2016/10/15(Sat) 21:43:53.28ID:ZP2Mm4na0

183maji2017/01/10(Tue) 15:59:30.32ID:MEanSgs20

184maji2017/01/13(Fri) 18:48:55.83ID:/dBRE8lq0

185maji2017/01/15(Sun) 11:27:03.92ID:7A1K2dvR0

186maji2017/01/19(Thu) 10:17:12.75ID:OGMw3U7o0

187maji2017/01/24(Tue) 09:26:22.46ID:qngxKiuR0

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189maji2017/01/28(Sat) 11:38:02.89ID:tL4ToRY40

190maji2017/01/30(Mon) 09:52:57.61ID:ateg34ST0

191maji2017/02/01(Wed) 09:23:37.99ID:Kolu9saZ0

192maji2017/02/02(Thu) 20:03:17.84ID:eYCAqLft0

193maji2018/08/02(Thu) 22:27:31.31ID:hgew29ix0

194maji2018/08/02(Thu) 22:31:37.82ID:hgew29ix0
i hate them