Fat chicks

1maji2008/06/28(Sat) 09:51:57ID:KiJ5sMgG0
In Japan, fat women are rare. This is a shame, because I love fat Japanese women. It would do the country a lot of good if all the women gained a little weight

What do you think, Japan?

2maji2008/06/28(Sat) 09:55:27ID:0glzmcGC0
Fat is bad because it leads to disgusting chest flab.

3maji2008/06/28(Sat) 09:56:56ID:KiJ5sMgG0
I love chest flab so much.

4maji2008/06/28(Sat) 10:47:32ID:KZzrxnxe0
A better question would be: why do japanese women never bother to shave down THERE?

5maji2008/06/28(Sat) 10:50:17ID:eXKN4FNU0
Like, boobs?

6maji2008/06/28(Sat) 10:56:09ID:KiJ5sMgG0
Mariko Morikawa
Marimo Momoi
Miyabi Hayama
These women are all goddesses.

7maji2008/06/28(Sat) 11:01:32ID:KiJ5sMgG0
Boobs, belly, all of it

8maji2008/06/28(Sat) 13:21:31ID:KiJ5sMgG0

9maji2008/06/28(Sat) 13:25:56ID:qq9zSTnC0

10maji2008/06/28(Sat) 13:28:32ID:QAxVHFNX0
makes better homepage than google news

11maji2008/06/28(Sat) 15:37:07ID:CVT3J7qP0
I prefer flat chested girls.

12CCCP2008/06/28(Sat) 18:02:50ID:8jfa4pXs0
tokyotopless.com has plenty of fat Japanese women.

13maji2008/06/28(Sat) 19:31:40ID:KiJ5sMgG0
This fat Japanese woman I know said she gained most of her weight from living 8 years in the US.

14maji2008/06/29(Sun) 01:36:09ID:+361DsS/0
Fat women are disgusting. Come to America, all of the women here are fat and ugly.

15maji2008/06/29(Sun) 02:05:08ID:SBu3rtdc0
American food is only safe for totally XTREME people.

16maji2008/06/29(Sun) 03:19:20ID:LU4CvWZV0
american person here.
fat people are not as common as people tell you.
if you eat fast food every day, you will get fat.
learn self control.

17maji2008/06/29(Sun) 03:25:48ID:2zi7WZcg0
By all the MCdonalds they have in Japan its a wonder they don't become fat.
I have seen a BugerKing in Akiba full with women..
I guess its only a matter of time, a shame actually.

18maji2008/06/29(Sun) 03:33:22ID:56QTfcHj0
Just eating fast food won't make you fat.
You have to be really lazy also.
I know people that eat lots of junk food but are still in good shape because they are active.

19maji2008/06/29(Sun) 05:24:42ID:f3laHNnI0
I hear fast food restaurants are popular with Japanese schoolgirls. I, for one, approve of Japanese McDonald's.

20maji2008/07/01(Tue) 02:07:23ID:Y/Xx3w/R0
But don't Japanese people walk a lot?
North Americans get fat because they drive everywhere.

21maji2008/07/01(Tue) 06:45:04ID:0Qj+F7GF0
I've actually been losing weight lately. I'm not sure why.
It's nothing alarming--I lost five pounds in two months.
However, it doesn't seem to be stopping.

It's also strange because I don't really exercise.
I just sit in front of the computer all day.

22maji2008/07/01(Tue) 07:04:24ID:Y/Xx3w/R0
5 lbs in two months? That's not a whole lot...

But then again, how much do you weigh to begin with?
If you don't weigh that much, then I suppose 5 lbs would be a bit.

23maji2008/07/01(Tue) 07:57:19ID:0Qj+F7GF0
To begin with, I weighed 128 pounds. I'm 18, by the way.

24maji2008/07/01(Tue) 09:11:43ID:eIPbbyr40
Actually that's not bad at all.
Despite what tv and advertisements will tell you, "30 pounds in 30 days! is not common or healthy.

25maji2008/07/01(Tue) 09:22:51ID:aXPoa7Bq0
Whenever I see Before/After pictures of women in weight loss advertisements, I find the Before picture more attractive.

26maji2008/07/01(Tue) 15:35:32ID:Gwk2cSof0
I see a lot of Japanese tourist girls eating at Subway and flipping through their little guidebooks.

What do those guidebooks say, anyway? They're thick as hell. I think it's shopping advice.

27maji2008/07/01(Tue) 16:15:09ID:aXPoa7Bq0
As an American tourist in Tokyo I ate at Subway and flipped through my map and guidebooks a lot.
You go to familiar fast food places when you have no idea what the hell to eat but you're hungry and don't feel like gambling, I guess.
Starbucks in Tokyo is just like home

28maji2008/07/02(Wed) 01:24:04ID:R4fe3mLw0
I agree with you. Those advertisements make the people lose too much good fat.

29American Unko2008/07/02(Wed) 23:07:21ID:vLa9FSam0
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30maji2008/08/01(Fri) 14:01:44ID:RJ9kdNGb0

Moshi moshi Donarudo desu.
Ahahaha! Ran ran ru~!

i'm love NEET

31maji2009/08/02(Sun) 04:15:08ID:4qa4+0oC0
>>1is Debusen

32maji2010/02/10(Wed) 15:23:27ID:TtVRfyiO0
We Japanese the Mongoloid race gets diabetes more easily than the Caucasoid.
So We have to be very sensitive for our weight

33maji2010/02/14(Sun) 13:51:32ID:5VYSoA1c0
>the Mongoloid race gets diabetes more easily than the Caucasoid.
Is this true??

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35maji2011/07/23(Sat) 22:05:36.11ID:B/1ZdLpA0
yankee is pizza.

36maji2011/07/31(Sun) 22:04:35.26ID:QGTz+Emp0
cao ni ma

37 ”E–@’ŸyLv=1,xxxPz 2011/09/19(Mon) 23:54:09.66ID:dl++32FU0
debu pizza men.

38maji2011/09/21(Wed) 07:47:57.03ID:fNQE9cD60
Eat the pizzas, fat fuck

39maji2011/10/03(Mon) 02:55:19.78ID:lyT27ra20
not rare

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41maji2012/01/17(Tue) 03:16:51.95ID:+TKgh9iz0
yngwie gagamaruteen

42maji2012/09/11(Tue) 04:02:55.50ID:7Hn8O/F/0
mokkori daijin

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